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  1. 1 hour ago, 3rdcoastent said:

    If only they had Eli last year or year before in that playoff run I feel they win few more games if Eli was here for two years this team would of looked a little better I think he is on that level with Cadillac but better qb than he was passes wise Eli could been on Greg and Bryson level by how accurate some his throws was this season not so much the running threat those where tho but I still will say hp game would been different if he stayed in

    Lions would have prolly 2 more tds but y'all run defense was not good. HP gashed y'all pretty good with the run. So the more Cujo scored the more HP prolly scored

  2. Man looking at the region match ups looks to be some good damn games! Hell would it be crazy to say the state champ is coming outta this bracket?? I think Lobos have a punchers chance but they have to be able to run the ball and protect the play-action. 

    And also again...shout out and respect to mcnorth for softening up college station for their next opponent. 49-0 really showed this region the blueprint for beating CS...😐

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  3. Somebody said on here it's too much damn talent in Tyler for things to be going down like this. I've always believed TISD has had just as much talent as Longview...maybe even better but you have to coach your talent up. I don't know Holmes personally but just from how I've heard he's always on Twitter and and his persona from interviews he looks like the "look at me I'm cool and fly asf..." coach. Like a great value Mike Tomlin...🤷🏾‍♂️

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  4. 41 minutes ago, JohnnyFootball said:

    I didn’t say what he did the rest of the game. Since the start of the season everything was pinned on the other QB and it never failed that after the first overthrow this place was in a frenzy. There were games where he’d run for 4TDs too and people would be upset because he overthrew Hale in the 2nd quarter. 

    Good stop by the D. 

    OVERTHROW?! I'll pay you if you find a 12 overthrow of any Lobo receiver...😀😃

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  5. 9 minutes ago, NODAYSOFFTX said:

    Every person on the coaching staff, should go home and look at them selves in the mirror and just say…. Im trash at what I do, and I should resign…. Everyone have a good season. I’m checking out until next season.. see y’all in February, I’ll be over on Longview boards until they lose.

    C'mon over. They on our ### making Lobos sweat🥵

  6. 1 hour ago, VonG said:

    I'm starting an petition. Bring Aeryn Hampton back to Tyler,TX. Dude has 4 offers already. He is rated a 4 star. He has 9 picks on the year and 5 of them went for touchdowns. He has over 20 touchdowns total. Aeryn, Derrick, and Tatum are some of the biggest recruits for the class of 2024. Let this sink in. JT would have had 2 of the biggest recruits in the class of 2024 had Aeryn stayed in Tyler. I still believe there is hope. I'm speaking it into exsentice right now. Aeryn will be back in Tyler to finish his high school career. Let's go.

    Where he at now? And who is he...🤷🏾‍♂️

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