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  1. Man if you survived the Bwanas...you handle covid diphtheria John King's play calling and time management...and everythg life throws at you!
  2. Who out there losing by 60???
  3. Magnolia west Doug West West wing SouthWest T...give me Cujo by 20...
  4. Well the real test starts Friday. I know absolutely nuthg bout Lobos opponent. I couldn't even tell you if magnolia is a city or just the name of the school. The only magnolia I know is the projects.... And by the way...this statement is in no way shape or form disrespecting McNorth and their 37-35 win...we don't want no smoke
  5. I'on know bout them other years...but them 3 I mentioned...nobody in the state wanted them problems
  6. JT got some athleticism on Offense. I remember Allen Wilson would put all his athletes on Defense. '94-'96 JT was a terror
  7. Exactly why I stay my black #### at the house now....
  8. @ANTI @LOL Graves would start on the JV this year...no BS
  9. And fortunately....the pass will be underthrown....
  10. Naw naw naw how bout a Whitehouse or better yet WB Bruins...
  11. Nawl you gone run down 281 wearing Lampass rocking L jersey on...
  12. Man I think JT can throw the ball on Longview. I don't know bout the run game. North run game was led by 210 bowling ball. A get north and south runner. Wateva game plan they had they executed the hell outta it. If Holt plays I can see him having a huge game
  13. I don't doubt Lobos will make the playoffs...it when they get there that scares the living hell outta me. I see a talented team that could score 50 at any time...then I see a team that looks like Nacogdoches of the 90's.
  14. Nope....I been exposed to the free now. Ain't paying for nuthg
  15. Can I watch this game live somewhere?
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