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  1. Yea I noticed that. Guess I'm looking for that shut down we ain't giving up nuthg secondary. That Westlake type of defense.
  2. I don't like how he aligns the secondary. That's my only gripe with his defense.
  3. Man JT was right there just couldn't capitalize on opportunities. Once QB went down it was a rap. Also defensively JT is not there yet. But man a good QB makes all the difference now.
  4. Man don't take y'all butts up there and get peter-rolled
  5. JT gotta be patient on offense. HP might not be the fastest but they ain't fixing to let you just blow by them. And JT gotta play sound on defense.
  6. I disagree... HP is good this year...great last year. When I think of Elite teams HP doesn't come to mind
  7. '10 is the year Longview should have won state. That game I think Lobos Qb got hurt early. '16 is when Cujo flat out toy'd with us. Think final was 38-24
  8. I remember Longview had won like 254 str8 district games at Lobo and Cujo came in and beat the brakes off us...so it can be done
  9. Hell who goes into any contest battle fight or wateva thinking there gonna lose?? I believe it's gonna be high scoring affair.
  10. That pick by Watkins reminds me of the pick Chumley threw against College station...
  11. Man I believe JT will score on HP. Mainly because I know their Qb is better than Longview's. That makes all the difference. High scoring affair
  12. Man I was thinking same thing bout Grant. He has some talent. He might be better than HP Qb.
  13. Sholl is! I'll take home cooked meal over sonic any day...
  14. I have never seen a fanbase on smoaky or the Big Board like Longview. Very passionate tear a hole in yo butt if you cross path with them gang tackling pack of wolves eat our own type of fanbase
  15. See I haven't seen Holt yet and Thomas just not enough reps at the position so I say HP Qb #1. But the kid from East is dynamic as they come.
  16. @NODAYSOFFTX you got team rankings from week to week...give me you district QB rankings. Just off top of your head...
  17. Woooweee that 2nd place in the district game between JT and Longview is a toss up now...
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