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  1. Man he took Longview to another level in football there is no denying this. Do I have gripes about his play-calling and running the Qb back and forth to sidelines like peewee league...mis-managing of the talent Longview has had since 2004 the unforgivable not calling a timeout in 2010 to atleast prepare your team for the blocked punt that everybody in the stands knew was coming...the 2016 Lake Ridge end of game play-calling...2006 Garland game. He's stubborn and bullheaded like all men but he's earned the right to leave on his terms.
  2. Let him/her talk. It really doesn't bother me. Nothing none of us say is gonna impact any game from here on out.
  3. @WhyUMad it's a good chance you might get the opportunity to "jock ride" this week
  4. 12 is not type of player that gonna go out and win you a game. He's good running the option...not dynamic but adds a element of suprise at times. It's gonna come down to when Longview is in 3rd down and 6... and 8 is doubled. Can he come that primary route and hit 2nd or 3rd option for a first down. That's where this game will be won or lost.
  5. Where in Dallas is Skyline located at anyway
  6. Can't be same school with 4000 kids...
  7. Man you are doing excellent job with the broadcast! It's a very good product!
  8. Come playoff time...yes! Always been impressed with Carthage football program
  9. That was what I saw. Carthage O couldn't get out their own way but still won the game handily
  10. If they play the game in Gilmer it still wouldn't have helped
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