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  1. So you saying Carthage would beat Longview and Byrant combined...
  2. I know JT has always had athletes but I'm pretty damn sure y'all coach is not stupid enough to try and press cover Hale. Atleast not this year...
  3. My thoughts on this years team have not changed...I believe Longview is a last game participant with the right personnel in place. And next we should run the table. It will be completely unacceptable if #8 leaves high without a football state title.
  4. JT has always played that in your face man up style defense...
  5. I remember Horn rolling in to Lobo with a NFL size defense one year.
  6. Guest it's safe to say if Lee doesn't win tomorrow...they won't ever beat Longview again
  7. Somebody lying...Brent and Johnny just said it was a big crowd
  8. Sometimes the other guy is better than you. I thought this year would be different than last year's meeting. Boy was I dead wrong! Will we win 9-10 games this year...prolly so. But will we be able to beat the HP's and Ryan's this year.... Right now it looks real feasible Legacy finally get W this year over Longview after 20 years. One thing for sure...we didn't deserve to be playing in primetime today.
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