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  1. Lots of crow being eaten in this topic lol. Makes me laugh to read back at all the people that gave Harmony Zero chance. lol where those people hiding now?
  2. Wow how crazy. Over 10 kids moved in at around same time. I hate it for the Athletes that have been in TB.
  3. Was there a UIL DEC meeting yesterday?
  4. Whats the happenings in Tom Bean Lately???
  5. any inside info on this, guys on staff already? Lead Applicants? Anybody they want?
  6. lol I wouldn't say he started a dynasty but he is for sure keeping it going
  7. Don't think district had anything to do with it. Because the district didn't change much at all.
  8. I was a little worried about this hire back in March. Hopefully Alto finds them a guy that will stay. instability is bad for the kids.
  9. Won a District Championship and to the playoffs 3 of the last 6 year I believe. Use to have exceptional Athletic Talent as well at the skill positions. Even when not in playoffs they would have at least a .500 record and be competitive.
  10. Sadly OC has kinda gone downhill since the regime change. Would like to see them win this one though.
  11. Wow Middle of the Season? Do they think that will change anything?
  12. From what I am told the Anna game ended bottom 7th runner steal second over throw into outfield, outfield missed the ball runner scored game over
  13. Heard Anna game ending was pretty wild
  14. Well Football might get better with time in Alto. But you can kiss the other programs goodbye now.
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