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  1. Oh wow so it is true. Well congrats to Coach Lewis
  2. Did Tenaha just hire a New AD?
  3. Anybody see Benjamin press conference? First time I've seen a coach blame the officiating in a state tournament press conference.
  4. Don't Count on NFHS or Live Stats from UIl website I am trying to watch the 1A right now and its all down. NFHS is horrible
  5. Not sure but if you are a 4A and its split it means you are growing I am sure. Which means you will be 5A soon. Which still begs the question even more of lack of experience.
  6. I was going to ask the same thing. What made Burnham such a good candidate for this job? He has almost zero experience. Community is a 4A correct? And a growing 4A. He must know someone high up to be getting this position because on paper he aint it. What did he do for Ore City that was so amazing that he gets this job?
  7. Lots of crow being eaten in this topic lol. Makes me laugh to read back at all the people that gave Harmony Zero chance. lol where those people hiding now?
  8. Wow how crazy. Over 10 kids moved in at around same time. I hate it for the Athletes that have been in TB.
  9. Was there a UIL DEC meeting yesterday?
  10. Whats the happenings in Tom Bean Lately???
  11. any inside info on this, guys on staff already? Lead Applicants? Anybody they want?
  12. lol I wouldn't say he started a dynasty but he is for sure keeping it going
  13. Don't think district had anything to do with it. Because the district didn't change much at all.
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