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  1. Well, The Cats gave great effort last night. I am proud of them. They showed me something that had been missing for most of the season thus far. We still got pride to play for need to pull out the last one vs Chapel Hill. Great game Kilgore. You made the big play when you needed it most. I can't be mad at you for that. What a game J. Davis had.
  2. We will have to see how hungry the Cats are. To have any chance at the post season We Must Win This One.
  3. Well, this is two teams that under performed last week. Both trying to get back into the playoff picture needing a win. Cats are at home. I will take them in a close one. I can not imagine Palestine playing as flat as they did in Henderson this past week. I know it is early but this is the DOD and it is a must win for both teams.
  4. Well, we got a much needed Win. Had 5 starters out due to injury, and it didn't start out well at all when the Eagles took back the opening kickoff for a TD. The Cats did not take the lead until 4 minutes left in the game. That Rusk bunch is Feisty.I will give them that much. Much more talent on their roster than I expected. Good Luck the rest of the way guys. Tyler Grey returned to the QB position and delivered a night only a mature seasoned QB could deliver. The Oline still had problems pass blocking but, it seemed to improve as the game went on. The one thing we got to clean up is the procedure penalties. Way too many, and some were drive killers. without those this game may not have been as close as the 29-26 final score. Over all a good night. I am proud of my Wildcats. They kept fighting tonight and it paid off with the W. I won't be at next weeks game. 1st game I am gonna miss since 2012. My heart will be with you though Cats.
  5. Well, 1st of all let me say Jacksonville played a much more discipline game than the Wildcats did for most of the night and the results showed on the scoreboard. The officials were pretty solid. There was only one call I did not agree with. The Cats hurt themselves with some key special teams mistakes early, costly penalties throughout the evening, and the Oline struggled with pass blocking all night. J Davis returned to the lineup but did not remain in the game. I hope he did not re-injure himself. The change at QB is not a Bad thing. 17 has got some skill and throws a good ball, seemed like he was not quite ready for the lights of Friday Night, but flashed some really good play in there too. A lot of that may have been the Oline inability to pass block consistently. Grey played well in his new role as slot WR and CB. He did get burned for 1 big pass play on D. For what ever reason in the 1st 2 games of the season the Cats have not been able to put together a complete game. In both we were very competitive in the 1st half only to fade badly in the 2nd half. I do believe we will get it together in time for district play. That's what the non district games are for to identify and fix weaknesses. Many teams struggle early and we are not immune. I will say I am not a fan of Rose Stadium. It is a nice place to watch a game but with ticket prices $2 higher than most and other issues I will keep out of this forum for now to focus on what matters the football... I hope we do not play there again anytime soon.
  6. Man... it started like it was going to be our night. Returned the opening kickoff of the game for a TD. The Cadets answered right back to take a 14-7 lead. Cats tied it up and went ahead 20-14 missed PAT. Cadets took the lead 21-20 just before the half. The 2nd half was a bit more sketchy for the Wildcats, but they hung in there. Man that RB Sunday is a load had trouble with him most of the night. Thought we did a good job early on gang tackling. Tackling over all was not bad. We did have a few misreads defensively that hurt us. We had 2 costly fumbles and Oline needs to play better especially in pass protection. All coachable things. There was on issue with the refs I feel is unforgivable though with almost 4 minutes remaining the Cats scored. The PAT was blocked but the Cadet that blocked it was way off-sides practically in our backfield when the ball was snapped. No flag. Now instead of a 1 score game it is a 2 score game. Not going to blame it on them though. We had our own issues. To me missing such an important call in not excusable though. It turned out to mean nothing at all when Sunday scored on the next Cadets possession though. Hats off to Connally. They deserved this victory. They were more prepared to play this night than we were. I was not too discouraged though. This is what non-district games are for to find and fix issues before district play begins.
  7. I am so glad the kept the bricks... That is such an iconic fixture here in East Texas. Look forward to catching games there when Palestine plays you guys. Despite the age of the Tomato Bowl and some obvious detractors,I have always enjoyed taking in a game there. Loved the atmosphere and how close you were to the action on the field. Even loved those damned trains. That was part of the appeal of it all, and what make the Tomato Bowl what it is.
  8. LOL...I didn't notice that until I went back and looked after reading your comment. Seems that way on paper but, some of those positions are not set in stone. I do love that the kids learn more than one position though.
  9. Hello all my DOD Bretheren... Back for another season- My 15th as a Palestine fan. Saddly I will be missing one game this year. 1st game I have missed since 2012. That game will be our game vs Fairfield on 9-21-18. I am lucky it is not a district game. Palestine should be improved, but, this is the DOD so we will see if we can get over that hump and get into the Playoffs. I think we can.
  10. Carthage is a beast for sure. These are 2 teams that know each other well. I told you I believe Henderson has peaked at the right time. I was super impressed when I saw them. IMO I think Carthage wins a close one. I believe the Lions are gong to make it a battle that is a lot more uncomfortable for Carthage than they would like. DOD show why once again we are the toughest district in the state of Texas.
  11. All Three teams headed to Round 3. DOD looking strong!
  12. Well, 3 of 4 teams still alive DOD lookin' Good.
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