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  1. okay, so these 3 things are not of a stable mind and should immediately disqualify anyone from these types of elective surgeries despite their personal desires.
  2. Pretty sure this guy is leading people straight into hell
  3. The path for Texas gets interesting as it looks like chalk may play the rest of the way for them minus their final four matchup since Kansas is out. Xavier next week then likely Houston. I think the Texas/Houston winner is our National Champion. Both are more athletic on the court than Alabama
  4. Wasn’t going well for A&M when I scanned the scores earlier vs LSU
  5. I have Purdue bowing out in the E8. There may still be hope for me
  6. My guarantee is about as good as my football weekly picks
  7. My guaranteed final 4 teams are Alabama and winner of Kansas/Texas (assuming they both make it that far)
  8. I don’t watch until march, so no clue
  9. This basketball team is looking good in the B12 Championship Game
  10. Built mine for $330,000 in Feb before the shutdown . Neighbors with the same house, but smaller just sold a month ago for $700,000. I think I’ve already made money on mine. Going to hold on to it until the kids get out of school and see what it’s worth then
  11. If they have been in office for more than 4 terms, I just assume that they are corrupt. Government over a free nation should not be a career. I would prefer term limits on everything. SCOTUS to POTUS, Governor to County Comptroller. 2 terms max.
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