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  1. That’s reason to fire with cause. Not even taking into account how bad the rest of his broadcasting is
  2. Astros clinch a playoff berth tonight as well. Rangers get the division with a win or astros loss. Astros win the division with a win and Rangers loss. Mariners eliminated
  3. Rangers clinch a playoff berth tonight! Waiting for the astros result to see if they win the division
  4. Holy crap! Notre Dame scores a 30+ TD run with :30 left while just trying to get into better FG range
  5. @RETIREDFAN1 he literally compared a tackle to Jesus’ crucifixion. He said “He literally picked him up like Jesus Christ himself to hang him on the cross.” What the actual hell?
  6. Ole miss wins a thriller. With that I am checking out on football and will only support the Texas Rangers for a few weeks
  7. Something is off with these Aggies. It seems like every year they are just 1-2 seasons away. And despite this set back at QB, they haven’t impressed at all before the injury. I see the OL issue. I also think it’s a coaching issue. Maybe Jimbo and this staff just doesn’t have it anymore. I was a Jimbo believer, but I’m not so sure anymore. He has his flashes, but never a consistent push like we saw in his good years at FSU and his killer mentality at LSU as the OC
  8. From what I’ve read sounds like a foot fracture. Possible Lizfranc injury?
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