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  1. Something is off with these Aggies. It seems like every year they are just 1-2 seasons away. And despite this set back at QB, they havenโ€™t impressed at all before the injury. I see the OL issue. I also think itโ€™s a coaching issue. Maybe Jimbo and this staff just doesnโ€™t have it anymore. I was a Jimbo believer, but Iโ€™m not so sure anymore. He has his flashes, but never a consistent push like we saw in his good years at FSU and his killer mentality at LSU as the OC
  2. From what Iโ€™ve read sounds like a foot fracture. Possible Lizfranc injury?
  3. Friday September 29 #10 Utah at #19 Oregon State 8:00 PM FS1 Saturday September 30 Texas A&M at Arkansas 11:00 AM SEC Network #24 Kansas at #3 Texas 2:30 PM ABC #13 LSU at #20 Ole Miss 5:00 PM ESPN Iowa State at #14 Oklahoma 6:00 PM FS1 #11 Notre Dame at #17 Duke 6:30 PM ABC
  4. Like I've said before, we all have our own methods of determining their top 10s, so I won't even try to bash yours. My method is simple: Based on the way the season has gone so far, I place my top 10 on where I think they are on track to finish at the END of the year. So it can dramatically change from week to week. I am not a reactionary guy, I didn't even consider Colorado to be a top 10 simply based on their schedule. If they didn't have Oregon, USC, Utah etc on their schedule and instead had a CUSA slate, then they could very well be top 8 based on where I think they would have finished without a blowout loss to Oregon. FSU could win out ugly right now and probably be a top 4. Same for Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, etc. LSU right now is going to have to win some SEC games prettier than that Arkansas win to ever be considered top 10. The AP will boost them to top 10 for hype reasons with SEC media, but as a fan, they don't project there for me. If I made my reactionary top 10 based on the current season the top 4 would look something like this: Georgia Texas Florida St Ohio State Utah, Oregon, and Penn State peaking in. I just don't see Penn State as being a legit top 10 based off a win over Iowa at the end of the day, so they were completely left off of my poll. And to the contrary, while I don't see Oregon's win over Colorado to be a huge feat, they completely dismantled the Buffalo offense and defense. Impressive enough on a national stage that I think they project top 10 right now if they can stay on track.
  5. A couple of things will happen. 1) Those PAC 12 teams are going to fan out and I believe only Utah and Oregon will be standing at the end. 2) Notre Dame and LSU will creep back in the top 10 at some point. 3) at some point this season, someone is going to fall in love with a Troy etc that is 10-0 by beating JUCOs and put them in this top 10.
  6. This poll is an abomination. There aren't enough SEC schools on it.
  7. Mr. Jones, how do you feel about us finding out about your child out of wedlock?
  8. Yikes. Waiting for the hype to calm down next week
  9. If Texas can keep getting 0 INT, 200+ from Ewers each week, 13-0 is realistic
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