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  1. Have y’all seen the stuff today and yesterday about the realistic possibility that Joe Biden actually uses a body double? I don’t think it’s true, but it’s entertaining at the least. I believe it’s whatever drugs they are giving him
  2. Without reading this, I think it would be fun for my every response to come from ChatGPT.
  3. Police are taught to not shoot someone unless they are wielding a weapon and become an actual violent threat. This guy wasn’t a police officer and did just that. Calling it murder for shooting someone who is literally pointing a weapon at you is not murder. It is self defense in Texas.
  4. Pre-sale without any real in-game action being shown yet started yesterday on next gen consoles
  5. The facilities there are fantastic.
  6. Here is the funny thing, if a woman can be a homemaker, that means the man probably makes enough money to support his family. That used to be about 70% of married couples in America. Now that is about 3%.
  7. The left: "We have free speech and the right to protest!" Also the left: "The right's conservative views are not allowed and should be silenced!"
  8. This coming from a guy who also no longer represents Kansas City lol
  9. its not even affordable for the people who they intended it for. $12000 deductibles etc.
  10. Here is the crazy part. The most effective way for insurance costs to go down is socialized healthcare. Government sets the prices on everything. But you know what would happen after that? Prices would slowly increase until we are back to where we are right now. Obamacare ruined rates. I’ve been a big fan of Obama’s policy that would not let insurance exclude pre-existing conditions, but beyond that, everything else that came with Obamacare ruined prices and costs.
  11. Me and the wife make about $200k. Trust me, everyone who doesn’t have a high 6 figure income is feeling it
  12. Listen, both of your points are valid in some ways. Taxes, inflation and greed all take their part in all of this. Taxes and inflation costs the corporations more money than before. The government says “keep the prices the same, but pay us more. However, corporations don’t work that way. They want to see quarterly and annual gains or their company becomes stagnant and loses value. So in order to just break even, and by even I mean make the same millions and billions they do yearly, they have to match at minimum the production cost by raising prices on goods and services. Simply put, both are right and wrong on this matter.
  13. That sucks. Sounds like a principal is taking the easy route instead of just figuring it out. Plenty of schools around the state that he could model his master schedule after
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