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  1. Biden admin was cutting the razor wire around the river yesterday. Abbott sent his guys to replace it yesterday evening
  2. Think NFL tickets would go down if they paid Roger Goodell less? probably not. $30m a year is not an outrageous salary when you are the head guy at a corporation like this. But it is a good talking point. However, they could cut $6mil in salaries and give it back to their employees and it would amount to about $2000 a year raise at the most. That is why they negotiate these things. The demands are always set at the gold standard. Where they are willing to compromise to is a bit more realistic.
  3. 4 months left on my 2016 Dodge Journey. I am hoping it can last until 300k miles... It is at 112k and running like a champ. It is going to hopefully be all 5 of my kids' first car
  4. It always is. You start high and meet somewhere in the middle.
  5. It says TESLA is owned by china, but its misleading unless you read it. Elon is still the majority shareholder of Tesla, with some chinese and other foreign country investments. I wouldn't consider it chinese owned. Just like I wouldn't say a Fortune 500 company with minority US shares with a German primary shareholder a US Company.
  6. You are describing your geriatric sex life! Don't hate on my political polices. I am going to MAGA like no tomorrow
  7. You may be right. Except instead of keeping up with it, they will use it to fund some Obamacare type project.
  8. They found this yesterday in South Carolina crashed etc. Rumors are that concerns were made years ago that these jets could get hacked. Did it actually happen this time?
  9. Here are a few of my thoughts: 1. I am not sure that I love the expense of a border wall. Eventually it will get rundown etc, and become a useless talking point. 2. We should have more manpower monitoring the border. At least 2 military personnel per mile from Texas to California at all times. 3. The US Government is giving out trackers in cell phones to illegals now. Instead of the current system, why can't we assign trackers for legal non-citizen workers? 4. Someone has mentioned this before on here, but why is the fight with just the individual trying to come here to work? We should be going directly after the real problem which are the companies that use cash funds to basically encourage illegal entry for work. 5. How do you stop the cartel and their drug ring? You don't. They are going to find ways to get their drugs here. Just make it harder for them, which takes us back to #2. If they can't drive/smuggle stuff over on land, you force them to do it by air and sea, which is a lot easier to track and way more expensive for them. 6. If we want to go full redneck militant on illegal immigration, install a kill on site order for illegal entry into the US. That will deter entry for sure for many. 7. or this option, ACTUALLY ARREST THEM, MAKE IT A US FELONY, BUILD A PRISON FOR JUST ILLEGAL ENTRIES INTO THE US, AND MAKE THEM DO HARD LABOR FOR FREE FOR A YEAR OR SO BEFORE SENDING THEM BACK HOME. Think of the actual US revenue that we are missing out on here. You could make it a 1 year minimum for just illegal entry, then tack on whatever for drugs and violent crimes. There are too many hoops to jump through in our government to make it work. One, we have too many people in Congress, and 2 we have too many steps in the legal process that can leave anything like this hung in the balance for years.
  10. What is so hard about citizenship now? From my understanding, the process takes too terribly long, but its not an overly difficult process to complete.
  11. There are people who didn't enter the building being sentenced more harshly than Epps who is literally on camera telling people to storm the Capitol. The guy is a fed.
  12. The city of Marshall is fine. What does it not have besides billionaire resources and a Lululemon shop? It literally has everything every other ETX town has and more than most. So it's not the city limiting the program.
  13. FROM @Smoaky: (paraphrased) Alvarez was going to leave but everything has calmed down and he is staying This is from a very reliable source to David Smoak. It may be a crap-fest right now, but winning fixes all of that crap. Hopefully that starts this week.
  14. On this board, you are an idiot. There is no denying that.
  15. I need to change the name of my team to update this political theme...
  16. losing 18-0 to Kilgore makes me think that they potentially have a stout defense.
  17. https://www.dailywire.com/news/inside-colony-ridge-the-fastest-growing-development-in-the-u-s-is-a-magnet-for-illegal-immigrants?%3Futm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=dwnewstwitter
  18. 2 schools have legitimate wins. Texas and Florida St. The rest can fall in line
  19. Texas is not in my top 4, but leaning closer each week. They weathered a storm Saturday after a big win. I don’t penalize them for that, but I also don’t reward them for it. I do think that they have a clear path for the playoffs and next week’s poll will likely reflect that from me
  20. #4 Florida State at Clemson 11:00 AM ABC #16 Oklahoma at Cincinnati 11:00 AM FOX Auburn at Texas A&M 11:00 AM ESPN SMU at TCU 11:00 AM FS1 #19 Colorado at #10 Oregon 2:30 PM ABC #22 UCLA at #11 Utah 2:30 PM FOX #15 Ole Miss at #13 Alabama 2:30 PM CBS Texas Tech at West Virginia 2:30 PM Big 12 Network UTSA at #23 Tennessee 3:00 PM SEC Network Arkansas at #12 LSU 6:00 PM ESPN #14 Oregon St at #21 Washington State 6:00 PM FOX Sam Houston State at Houston 6:00 PM B12 Network #3 Texas at Baylor 6:30 PM ABC #6 Ohio State at #9 Notre Dame 6:30 PM NBC #24 Iowa at #7 Penn State 6:30 PM CBS
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