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  1. From my understanding, aren't most of these new stadiums paid for through bonds? So it would be local taxpayers who voted yes for this, and local taxpayers paying for this. Am I wrong in assuming this? If I am wrong, then sure blame the Texas government for spending all of our money on HS football stadiums. However, Abbott and Patrick have screwed over and screwed up Texas education enough without reaching out to blame decisions of local taxpayers on these 2 clowns.
  2. I believe he is also smart enough to know that you can't go all Biden and completely cut out oil and gas without an electric or water based solution.
  3. Look, I don't think Trump policies were bad. I say that because if they were bad, Biden wouldn't be copying them almost word for word and policy for policy to fix some of his early blunders. I will say this, Trump is an absolute asshole (this is the political forum and some cussing is allowed within context). Biden seems like the helpless old grandpa that everyone likes to talk to, but he comes off as an absolute idiot. For president, do we want the polarizing but effective asshole, or the super nice old grandpa that is an absolute dumbass?
  4. This is all Joe Biden’s campaign is doing right now with his ads
  5. I like people like this. Joe Manchin for example. I would never vote for him duE to his stance on some of my hot topic items, but the guy was never afraid to tell the DNC “no.”
  6. So Joe Biden still wandered off to talk to someone for no reason whatsoever walking stiff bodied like he just pooped himself. It’s weird, man. Really weird
  7. Their purpose is sort of like an emergency holdover. Trump and Obama went crazy with EOs which will make the practice of using them even more prevalent in the future
  8. Serious question, are military pay raises from the executive branch or legislative branches?
  9. Be careful of the plants outside of the resorts in Cancun. One almost killed my step mom from an allergic reaction . She says she will never leave a Mexican resort again
  10. I find a couple of things interesting from the Pelosi video 1) It seems to debunk the idea that she orchestrated J6's lack of security on purpose. 2) It also shows how she failed to comprehend the magnitude of the situation at hand and how fanatic some Trump supporters can be. 3) The wildest part about this video is that she goes on TV yesterday and blames the lack of security on Trump while we have video evidence of her saying that she should have been more aggressive on adding police etc.
  11. Mavs dropped game 2. The Celtics are good and consistent. Their slumps are maybe 8-0 runs for the Mavs while the Mavs can have an 0-16 run 2 times in a game that they cant recover from.
  12. I think Biden is a dangerous idiot. Especially around children. Including his own. Particularly with showers. He raised a crackhead, ruined our strong economy, and can’t complete a coherent sentence half of the time.
  13. I found the Libertarian guy a complete shocker to be honest. Libertarians are heavy on state rights, and more conservative talking points. Chase Oliver is a full fledge homosexual who looks like a backup for an actor on the Big Bang Theory. Just a weird choice
  14. Acronym? Let’s see, Trump is wildly popular, so let’s counter Trumps slogan with BRING BACK BETTER while we make everything worse. Our economy sucks, let’s rebrand it with something awesome like Bidenomics. Now he is trying “Finish the job.” What the hell? If he had a real boss, he would have been fired 2 years ago with all of his staff.
  15. Not looking good for the Mavs in Game 1...
  16. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/KKvBqwD9nHvC1vRv/?mibextid=WC7FNe
  17. ETBU is your D3 NCAA Softball Champions! ETBU 9 Belhaven 5
  18. game 3 is wild. Coach Shirley got tossed. ETBU leads 7-5 in the 3rd
  19. ETBU takes Game 2 ETBU 8 Belhaven 2 Game 3 starts in about 10-15 minutes
  20. ETBU Drops Game 1 ETBU 3 Belhaven 4 Game 2 Tomorrow
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