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  1. A&M’s president would even like that. The AD would be the only one with the sour grapes taste in his mouth.
  2. This was my response to the scared argument… feel free to follow me on Twitter:
  3. I was confused about the sour grapes rant of A&M’s AD… now I understand…
  4. The PAC and B10 will take the ones they want, the rest will be a free for all
  5. Stanford must have had a really bad year in the country club sports…
  6. When this SEC short comes out, y’all better tag me
  7. I don’t know who that guy is but he is now my favorite player on Mizzou
  8. Withholding my opinions here, this is what I gathered that could hold this move up: 1) State legislature- any move like this that Texas makes needs some type of ok from state government. 2) TV contracts- I’ve seen that the b12 owns the TV revenue of all B12 schools through 2025. Not sure what this means… could mean FOX still airs B12 games with OU and Texas and they still dip in the B12 pot and not get SEC money until 2025… above my pay grade to figure that mess out. 3) LHN- this should not be an issue. ESPN has the SEC contract… channel might get absorbed, channel might
  9. I like the ACC… they are kind of stuck, but they can recruit the coast and add schools like Rutgers and some players in other sports other than football…. That doesn’t really help their brand, but if we go the way of super conferences, you get who you can get while you can get them.
  10. Give me OU and Texas over any of the bottom 6 SEC teams in football. And I am even more in favor of it after A&M’s AD came out crying yesterday
  11. When I saw this, I thought I was the Bieber tiktok video…
  12. I’m just going to go on note and say that I would not be shocked if the last 30-40 years of presidents were orchestrated somehow by either cheating or some greater “authority” or faction that kind of fund our bankrupt government
  13. This is smart. Although, you are about to see these type of things turn into huge booster groups…
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