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  1. If he does, he shouldn’t. It’s too soon for that type of injury in my professional, medical opinion
  2. After today Duke or Kansas will be 4-0. Let that sink in a minute.
  3. Probably @RETIREDFAN1 best math student
  4. it feels like it has taken 10 years to build what he has at Kentucky. Do you think Nebraska would have that much patience?
  5. This is all fantasy and speculation by a blow hard old man with a colostomy bag. Grow up Kirt. Saying random ideations doesn’t make it true.
  6. Weed in the off-season gets them in 0 trouble so we are actually talking about 12-15 weeks. Not years
  7. The what if game will land 0 teams in the playoffs by the end of the season. Or appalachain state at #1...
  8. You and your old coffee buddy @RETIREDFAN1 vote teams #1 for being undefeated. How is this any different?
  9. OU Fans, think about this. TBOW otherwise known as Lincoln Riley the lord and savior of the mentally insane in LA, has a real chance of starting 6-0 and being ranked in the top 5 before they even play a team with a pulse this season. If he can manage not to lose to inferior opponents and escape Utah, they will likely go undefeated in the PAC 12. Further note, Oklahoma has good spacing in their big games vs Texas, Baylor and Oklahoma State. A win vs Texas will put them top 4 IMHO and set them up nicely vs the other 2 big opponents. Not enough is being said about what has been done at OU to change their toughness thus far. Congratulations to Kentucky. They are off to a fine start. They are a solid top 25 team, not a top 10 team. Same for Tennessee. Clemson has a gauntlet in 3 of their next 4 weeks. Survive those games, and they are a CFP team again. Anyone who did not vote Georgia #1 should not have a college football poll vote right now. They came is as the best team in the nation, and have done absolutely nothing for anyone to doubt that ranking. Let them play bad before you doubt their talent on the field.
  10. I’ve done it in the past, but my job in Mineral Wells hasn’t given me time to compile and organize that. Let me think on it for a day or so.
  11. how bad is @Stoney's team if he ends up losing to my bunch of ragtag ambulance riders?
  12. Tua sucks 90% of the time… except today
  13. Lance, my other Starting QB just got carted off the field…
  14. My fantasy football team is hot garbage. I demand 1st pick in the draft next year if this continues
  15. UTSA faired better than anyone thought they could. We will be looking at a top 25 UTSA team by the end of the year again IMHO.
  16. These LHN announcers are so bad. Like cringe radio bad.
  17. The college gameday Texas A&M signs were today
  18. You didn’t say that in your response to me. You talked about the talent gap.
  19. My point has nothing to do with the players on the field and everything to do with whatever gameplan you want to call that and how it was executed.
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