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  1. A friend of mine, a high school math teach like @RETIREDFAN1 (so I do cut him some slack) texted me “sorry you have COVID. When I got it last time, I got the vaccine right after I got better. You should get the booster.” My text back was “yo dummy, that’s not how the body works. Your body had immunity almost immediately after you recovered. You basically made that vaccination useless if it even works!”
  2. We tested to get out additional time off benefits. I have 10 paid days from my school. My wife gets 15 paid days and she makes a lot more money than 90% of us on SDC.
  3. I get the flu vaccination every year. I’ve had the flu twice in my lifetime. And never immediately after I had been vaccinated for it
  4. If it’s in court, it will stay there for years and years
  5. Look up who has the #1 transfer class in the nation right now... I'll save you time... This guy:
  6. I didn't realize Longhorn baseball was back like that. Hopefully, a better version of "back" than the football team.
  7. I can't blame Miami. I will say, Arkansas made the right move, but did Briles? The hard part, if I were him, is how much success do you think you will have or be able to sustain in Fayetteville? At least with Miami, that conference is wide open yearly and the big Florida schools have been consistently average to horrible the past few years. You can win recruiting battles in that state.
  8. The cult of the vaccinated won me over for a short period. They said "Take this and it will protect you." This is a pandemic of the "unvaccinated." "Not being vaccinated is what killed all of these people." "My vaccination is more potent and has a longer lifespan than natural immunity!" So I got the jab. Arm hurt like hell for a couple of weeks, felt like dog poo for 12 hours, then I was back on my merry way. This was in October 2021. Let's fast forward to 1/20/2022. My wife and I are both vaxxed. We both feel like dog crap. We both tested positive for COVID. And these morons want to tell me "Can you imagine what it would be like if you weren't vaxxed?" So I called my brother in law, unvaxxed, just had COVID 2 weeks ago. "Yeah man, I had the same symptoms. Bad headache, stuffiness, mild persistent cough. Off and on fever." Wow, that's strange. He is unvaxxed. Shouldn't he be in the hospital right now. Well my mother recently had Covid, let me call her. Same story. Also unvaxxed. Someone please explain to me (1) what the hell did i put in my blood stream and (2) why? If the answer isn't (1) Placebo and (2) Because the government wants to put a name on Trillions of dollars of wasteful spending, then you are lying out of your bum.
  9. They were just throwing like Dak taught them to. Everything was intended for the refs but definitely overthrown.
  10. I put my money on him becoming an NIL and transfer portal decision-helping manager...
  11. Honestly, it's almost safer now to stop recruiting HS freshmen and save your money for when they hit the transfer portal, developed and more mature.
  12. We are running at about 80% district-wide right now. We have the staffing, just a shortage of students. It makes instruction challenging, but still making it through with 0 deaths and 0 hospitalizations of students ages 4-18.
  13. It would be petty, but funny... The Big XII would blow up social media... However, it would lose tons of credibility. I say do it!
  14. dude, it makes your poop runny. Nothing better for the colon than a nice waterfall of doo to help with a runny nose and fever
  15. Those are the 2 entities in the US you shouldn't trust at all. I don't care which side you are on. They are the fiddle, you are the strings... don't be the strings.
  16. Also by splitting them, you could completely screw both teams and not let them play the RRR...
  17. The TEA has been pretty useless during COVID. It's like, let's wait for what Abbott says, Abbott is like let's wait for what Trump says, Trump is like let's wait for what the world says. So we are just scared to make our own choices. It's ridiculous. Make a plan and adjust as needed.
  18. 25% of people with cold like symptoms, 0 deaths, likely 50% of the adults vaccinated. But, better hurry up and go get that booster!
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