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  1. Someone posted on Twitter that Arch Manning had an entire OL sign at Texas overnight. We’re some of those guys Aggie targets?
  2. Just gonna leave this here. Although I believe the Tides are changing in AggieLand
  3. I had my schedule wrong. I’ve been trying to watch as much as I could in New Mexico
  4. I have Aggies vs Razorbacks in what should be a Fantastic game tomorrow. If Auburn wins it, I have the Aggies in a blowout
  5. It will be micro-transaction based. That is literally almost any game these days. If they have a solid core franchise mode, it will be a winner. the recruiting has to be better than the drafting stuff in Madden
  6. A&M became a real baseball contender the moment they stole him from TCU
  7. I’m late to the party. Responded to each post I felt compelled to instead of all at once
  8. I can tell you right now this is Clueless Aggie admin being late reactionary to something that has already blown over. They should have talked to Jimbo. He would rather settle it on the field. Not some dumb political Aggie board members appealing to the NCAA or SEC.
  9. Are you sure it was an NCAA rule that he broke or was it the SEC bylaw that he broke? Which he already received the punishment for… that public reprimand
  10. The Horns down was AT the U of Texas Softball game. If what I read was correct. So it makes sense to throw the horns down instead of the stupid Aggie Thumbs up thing.
  11. UT’s guy Melendez could smash plenty out of that park. That dude is amazing to watch. The bomb he hit over the trees and deep into the parking lot vs ECU was fantastic. I thought it was a 500ft bomb
  12. MavGrad99

    Fake Klay

    Fake Klay Thompson is welcomed in the arena for a shoot around:
  13. I don’t think it will happen, but remember Auburn’s hot streak in the middle of the season… they could make a strong run.
  14. Losing in the National championship for Texas is nothing but a stepping stone to move forward. A 20 loss team never makes it that far in the WCWS. Texas looked young, just needs to clean up some defensive mistakes and they will be even better next year. They are one of 3 teams to give OU a loss this year. They can use that as well.
  15. I’m kind of okay with these kind of deals. There is a clear marketing purpose to this deal. I still think these should be regulated or overseen by the schools. Not to hand out to student athletes, but to clear the legitimacy of a deal
  16. Texas just hit 2 freaking nukes that cleared the trees to make it a 3 run game in the 6th
  17. I would drive a Tesla to and from work happily. But it’s a 5 person car, I have 5 kids alone. Also, it’s $100,000… I would prefer a Grand Wagoneer for that price.
  18. Besides football, has Texas had a bad season in any sport?
  19. Ok St and Auburn are trying to break the scoreboard
  20. LSU played like cardiac cats so far this weekend
  21. Looked it up, they lost to LSU, but finished their conference tournament knocking out 2 top 25 teams
  22. I think ULL has a win over LSU this year as well
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