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  1. Money definitely talk on that one. At one point Texas was not in his top 11.
  2. Didn’t Ewers and Evan want to play together at one point? I believe after Ewers committed the first time Evans jumped on board right afterwards… Would that happen again…
  3. Love the Coach and the Town!!! It’s way better then any high school football show they have Released on tv.
  4. Why don’t they play some of the True freshman like the 5* recruit we have.. Hmmm
  5. You either have at the D1 level or you don’t and Thompson and card don’t have it.. Would it hurt to see the third Qb come in and play.
  6. Transfer portal can’t get here fast enough for new a oline and Qb!!!
  7. I scream at the tv every game check it down to Bijan how is he not your number one target when you get in trouble how is sark not making more Situations out of the backfield with him one on one… He should easily have 150 game from catching out the back field…
  8. Would you want them to throw Sanders out there and see what he can do at the other D-end spot? The way I look at it. If we redshirt him and he lives up to the hype and leaves after two years then we might well should play him now. Sanders was #1 ath 5* Dend slash tightend. He’s totally different from the dends we have out there. He looks like myles garrett type!
  9. Time to see if Sanders can play and put him at D-end not these 300+ pound Herman dends, I mean D tackles got to go!!! Any one else agree??
  10. Will we be in the market for a oline and Qb this next offseason? Someone that sark has recruited before? These guys are not his guys. How do we not get both Robinson involved in the passing game in the 2nd half. Both are nightmares in a one on one Situation… Sark Oline goes ghosts mode and sark play calling goes out the window… Go back watch the game multiple times Robinson is one on one out the back field and Casey don’t even think twice to get it to him… He would rather take the sack.. It’s crazy..
  11. Thompson looks horrible in both 2nd half of last week and this week!!!
  12. Casey has not played good at all the last two 2nd half’s!!! No pass rush and still looks lost.
  13. Sark once again with no adjustments on O in the 2nd half!!
  14. It was worse and he took his hand automatically to the flag and pulled back.. That is text book definition of driving a Qb into the ground.. Same ref also I believe!
  15. You can’t change my mind that they don’t need Oklahoma st to be undefeated… The ref took his hand to the flag then said nope can’t do that.. That was worse then Texas penalty that he called..
  16. Yes I believe they can get better game by game!!! But transfer portal will be huge for Texas… I could see us going after everyone… lol I went and watch the film again and they were terrible and mean terrible in one on one… It was so bad for a D1 lineman…
  17. Plus next year recruiting class might be in the top 5 and that transfer portal will be the biggest yet and will probably put teams over the top… The five star Ath Sanders, I would try him at dend and see if he turns into a super star.. Offense will be fine next year..
  18. I believe I read the depth chart right.. We only have 1 true senior that starts that has burned all four years right? Only two on offense! If that is correct that makes me feel a lot better about next year squad and the one after that..
  19. I was shocked also! I honestly believe sark got lost in the game and forgot everything and was trying Not to lose!!! I was screaming at my tv saying screen to worthy, screen to Moore, bubble screen to the tight end after he helped the right tackle block.. It was there all night and he lost it… Every series of the 2nd half.
  20. This changed fast! A tail of two half’s and looks like he let his wife call plays the 2nd half…
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