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  1. Agree 100%. Small schools will struggle to keep up with the larger schools in all facets -- academics through extracurriculars to auxiliary departments such as transportation. Wish someone could tell me how it is fair, or how it is even legal, that a child in one of the city schools or, especially the affluent bedroom communities - how does a student who attends one of those public schools get thousands more spent on them (in per-student state funding) than a kiddo who lives somewhere out in a rural area? How can this possibly be constitutional (where's Scott McCown when you need him??)
  2. Who all is gonna be there?
  3. Paint the car! My personal favorite, though, ... "ya plant a cocklebur, ya get a cocklebur" You guys oughta be around here Saturday, the 9th. The alumni game is gonna be played at Kemp on that day. It's gonna be hilarious ..... can't wait to get my popcorn and coke and get me a spot on the rail ....
  4. Sorry ... I can't take credit for this one --- someone far wiser than me is responsible for this one ...
  5. Sorry Colmy -- not the starter, but we've got us a good one. District meet last week I was in charge of certification - since there is no certification for this one, I may just install myself as the chief of Mexican food -- that sounds like a good job for me, doesn't it?
  6. Will have to let you know, Billy ... if I'm not mistaken it's gonna be Mexican, but I don't know serving time yet.
  7. Regional Qualifiers meet Thursday, April 22, at Eustace High School. Starts at 3:30. Varsity Boys and Girls. Great facilities, great medals, great meal at a meet that is ran off very well and very expediently. Contact Chuck Powers at [email protected] or call AD Doug Wendel at 903-425-5158.
  8. I'm surprised they HAD 4.
  9. The more obvious question, to me, is this -- Why in the world would anyone leave Daingerfield to go to Mabank?
  10. Congratulations to Coach Jackson - he'll have Poteet up and running in no time. Still wonder about "what might have been" had Randy not gotten the total shaft two years ago .... good luck, Randy. Poteet got them a good one.
  11. There ya go! Bring on the flex quail! Think Timmy P can be persuaded to leave the bright lights of the big city??
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