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  1. Heard Mount E had a change at Defensive Coordinator. Gilmer and West Rusk pedigree.
  2. Im thinking you could really be surprised tonight
  3. Mount E is a lot better I think than first game. They have gotten better each week
  4. Going with Mount. Ash is a different animal entirely than last year.
  5. Yeah I agree with that. Didn't think about that! That is awesome. I didn't know that about Overton. I saw Mount last year and they were not real good. The fact they have beaten Carlisle is really good for them. Maybe they will play again!
  6. Mount has to be the surprise of the district right?? 1-9 last year?
  7. Even though I got in trouble for saying no clue..... I think It could be interesting. 2 talented rosters. Garrison looks the part of a contender to me. If Timpson is going to make a run, this will be a good measuring stick.
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