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  1. 42 minutes ago, Crazy 8s said:

    It’s a shame how low some people will go to wreck a STRONG man’s way of life. One that fears the Lord, and brings 100% everyday and all day. Is he perfect? No, but you and I are not either. 

    Just because you get accused of things doesn’t mean it’s fact. Some low life’s accuse people of things to get them removed. May the Good Lord have mercy on you.


    Innocent until proven guilty?!?! Yea that’s what I thought.


    Congrats LK on a great hire!  But know, your kids will work hard and be held accountable. And because of this they will win!



    Congrats on the job! 

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  2. On 2/2/2024 at 8:09 AM, PeanutKing74 said:

    If Mt.E finds a defense that can stop anyone the Ashe kid will roll them to a DC. LL will need to reload but could easily find a way to win the DC as well. Feels like Tenaha, Grapeland, and Overton will be fighting for the final 2 playoff spots. Alto will need to rebuild from the ground up after last year.

    Heard Mount E had a change at Defensive Coordinator. Gilmer and West Rusk pedigree. 

  3. 9 hours ago, Ronster23 said:


    I will say the announcer at the game got our Overton player names wrong all night long, 😒😒😒. I know he had a roster. He was calling out the number for the correct Overton player but saying a name that wasn't an Overton player. I think he must have been looking at the Evadale roster names and announcing them as Overton players.

    If that is the worst thing that happened, must have been a great night.

  4. 2 hours ago, Mr. P said:

    Mount and Overton have to be the stories of the district. 

    Yeah I agree with that. Didn't think about that! That is awesome. I didn't know that about Overton. I saw Mount last year and they were not real good. The fact they have beaten Carlisle is really good for them. 

    Maybe they will play again!

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  5. On 3/9/2023 at 2:08 PM, HeatTested said:

    Didnt seem like he had a lot of class from his attitude on the sideline. Also wore a tshirt and sweats to the state semifinal..

    The family is interesting. #1 is little brother of head coach. The head coaches dad, and another brother are assistants. 


    They move around a lot. Been at Richland Springs, Carlisle, Strawn, and Benjamin in the span of around 4 years. 


  6. 7 minutes ago, ReppinBeastTexas903 said:

    Up 28-0 and then left off the gas. Great coaching performance from the Raiders staff once again. 

    One of them must have turned you down for a date or something. 

    I know a lot of schools that would take them right this second. 

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  7. Heard from my friends son at West Rusk that Brian Keith was introduced as West Rusk basketball coach today. Congratulations Coach Keith! 

    Coach that was head coach is staying on in some role, possibly helping Coach Keith.  I thought he did a good job. It’ll be a good staff if that is true!


    The kids there are about to be blessed! 


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