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  1. 28 minutes ago, UnclePig said:

    Ohhh my sources confirmed you aren’t daycare but rather a 3rd stringer back in the day there at Tatum who never saw the field and cut your foot off with a pressure washer 

    You’re a tough dude hiding behind a screen name. Why not stick to the subject? Must have had to go to beckville to see the field on JV or something. 


    Back to things that matter, I hope Coach Barker is well, and Tatum gets a good quality guy.  

  2. Direct quote from an article published by WFAA in Dallas this morning. 


    There are members of the community that support Mathis' return to Desoto, and they showed up to voice their opinions on Monday night.

    "Why go and get an experimental coach, because of experimental vendettas?" parent Don Wilson asked. "Bring in the guy who really wants this job back, who's fighting to get this job back, and we know what he can do."

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  3. Hate to hear that about Winona. I had really hoped for the kids that the new coach would make a difference.


    I made a suggestion for a hire last year, but I don't know that he applied.  I don't  know him personally, but I have been impressed watching him numerous times over the past few years. Maybe he would come down 155 if it were open. 

  4. My observations (Unbiased)


    1. The Buckeyes are good. Receivers ran some good routes, 7 is a player at RB, and the defense looked pretty good to me. 


    2. Pitt fired them up. They didn’t like the lights going out. Also heard from a few Gilmer folks there was a video or something going around that upset them. Hence the 22 chants. Mama always told me to not tug Superman’s cape. 

    3. Pitt can play too. Their receivers are impressive. I’d throw it 40 times and let the QB make some plays with his feet. 


    Good of luck to both teams this week!

  5. 33 minutes ago, H3llR4z0r said:

    Pretty sure that freshman DE that's so good is from Gilmer isn't he? That's what someone told me anyways.

    I generally don't say anything about move-ins, because it just comes with winning. If you can make a deep playoff run, the move-ins will come. It's just part of it. Everyone wants to win. 

    Is he the one that tripped? Just curious. 

  6. Just now, YourTypicalGrover said:

    I stand corrected.  You learn something new everyday. Well done on your timely fact checking. ;)

    Thank you sir. I will say, I do not get the impression that PG is dirty. The one time I have seen them play, they seemed to be respectful kids. I do think the kid made a mistake, but I wouldn't go so far as saying they think their you know what doesn't stink. 

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  7. 23 minutes ago, YourTypicalGrover said:

    Slide tackling or tripping the ball carrier are legal in football. From my point of view it didn't appear that his spikes were up. Spikes down = clean play.

    ARTICLE 2. Striking Fouls and Tripping


    1. No person subject to the rules shall strike an opponent with the knee; strike an opponent’s helmet (including the face mask), neck, face or any other part of the body with an extended forearm, elbow, locked hands, palm, fist or the heel, back or side of the open hand; or gouge an opponent. (A.R. 9-1-2:I)

    2. No person subject to the rules shall strike an opponent with his foot or any part of his leg that is below the knee.

    3. There shall be no tripping. Tripping is intentionally using the lower leg or foot to obstruct an opponent below the knee. (Rule 2-28)
  8. 1 minute ago, YourTypicalGrover said:

    Come on now, pretty much the entire sport of football is a red card in soccer. Bad argument.

    While I've never actually looked up this rule, I've never seen it called. However, I have seen many kickers make touchdown saving tackles by utilizing the slide tackle. I would be willing to bet a dollar or two that a slide tackle or a "trip" is completely legal. 

    Tripping the Ball Carrier (Rule 9-1-2-c) FR-87 Delete the Exception. Add the following: “Tripping is intentionally using the lower leg or foot to obstruct an opponent below the knees. (Rule 2-28)” Comments: Affords the ball carrier the same protection from tripping that other players have had for many years.


    Tripping or slide tackling is illegal as of 2016

  9. Just now, playactionpass39 said:


    That is a RED CARD in soccer all day long and should have been an ejection. Studs up slide tackles are a NO, NO in all sports, but you can't kick or trip in American FOOTBALL

    I rewatched it. It was blurry for some reason the first time I saw it, and I thought he just tackled him low. When it cleared up, I saw he slid into him. Totally agree with you. 

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