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  1. The Crusaders have a certified Waskom Wildcat killer on their coaching staff I believe.



    Chad Hlavaty used to give them nightmares in baseball... and he didn't lose to them in football I don't think.

    And don't get your wildcat undies all bunched up... He did it to us too!

  2. I'm an outsider.....


    But there is a guy out there that would be perfect for this job. He used to be an assistant at Jacksonville College, has been coaching for a few years, and is young, passionate, and knows what he is doing.


    He is an assistant at another school right now, and I do not know if he has even applied. He would be excellent.

  3. Incredible offensive shootout the other night in Houston. Paper reports that Gorman had over 900 yards of Total offense, and QB Michael Goodwin accounted for 9 TD's. Lutherans QB threw for 9 TD's, and ran for one.


    People that went to the game have said that it was the wildest game they've ever seen. It wasn't a 2 score game until late.

  4. My picks-

    BH Vs Grace: Grace


    BG Vs ASE: Gorman


    Gorman looked really good against Troup, and seems to be scoring at will.... by all accounts Grace looks stout also.


    I got interested in TAPPS football 2 years ago, and now whenever I can, I catch a TAPPS game. There are some unique atmospheres for sure! I would advise if you're on a bye this week to go watch one of these games! They almost never disappoint.

  5. A little off topic, but Grace in Tyler came to Arp to play us last year, and they had 3 coaches who all looked extremely young. Turns out one of them is a West Rusk boy who graduated in 2010. Kids said he was all of 21 years old. But the head coach was 27 or so.


    Back on topic though, Adam Kirby was the youngest HC in the state last year at 23. Don't know if thats still the case. Josh Barton from Overton is young.

  6. Yes it's true, West Rusk 8 Arp 5. The Raiders continue to improve and work together as a team. Brady did an outstanding job on the mound tonight pitching all seven innings. It was a great game. Congrats Raiders, tough fight Tigers. Good luck both teams next week.



    Yes, Brady pitched very well. Johnson, and Hlavaty had good nights at the plate. Johnson hit a bases loaded double, and Hlavaty was 2-2 with 2 doubles and an RBI. WR did a good job of keeping Arp from getting the big hit which is a big credit to Brady.


    But... On the other hand.


    Arp did not hit the ball well tonight, and made a couple of baserunning errors that hurt us. I guess thats why we play twice...


    Congrats again to WR

  7. Chris Johnson is in either center or right field, and Jose Lopez is 3rd base. Joseph Smith is a JV pitcher as of now, but I see him being moved up to varsity before district. All 3 are JRs. Another player to mention is SR Cain Seider. He is taking over behind the plate as catcher, and has a good arm and will cause some trouble. West Rusk has the potential to be a decent team this year, but playoffs are still a bit far off. I'm predicting 5 in district.



    Johnson Played Center last year... Did he get moved?

  8. they only dress 27 kids and their offensive line is undersized. The biggest thing is that they are so one dimensional. Run, run, run. And Thompson looks to me like he is carrying the whole load. I haven't seen Arp play yet this year. (I am going to check them out next week against Troup). But, if Arp's defense is as good as their fans say. They will stop Thompson and it will be a real beat down. Needles to say Daingerfield would lay a thumping on them they would not soon forget. Just my humble opinion.



    Ok first off theres ony 11 kids from each team on the field at the same time, 27 is enough to have each of them only play one side of the ball, And i guess if your good at the run, and they cant stop it, y pass? I heard Thompson had two long runs, I also heard that patin had two long runs, as for the line being undersized, ive seen these kids play, they Attack the knees when they pull or cut! New Diana was bigger than them, it didnt matter, Elkhart was bigger, didnt matter. as for arp layin one on them we will see week 10, cant wait for that till then hope WR doesnt lose a game. and Arp, WR, Harleton or kirbyville could hang with d-field

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