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  1. ARTICLE 2. Striking Fouls and Tripping No person subject to the rules shall strike an opponent with the knee; strike an opponent’s helmet (including the face mask), neck, face or any other part of the body with an extended forearm, elbow, locked hands, palm, fist or the heel, back or side of the open hand; or gouge an opponent. (A.R. 9-1-2:I) No person subject to the rules shall strike an opponent with his foot or any part of his leg that is below the knee. There shall be no tripping. Tripping is intentionally using the lower leg or foot to obstruct an opponent below the knee. (Rule 2-28)
  2. Tripping the Ball Carrier (Rule 9-1-2-c) FR-87 Delete the Exception. Add the following: “Tripping is intentionally using the lower leg or foot to obstruct an opponent below the knees. (Rule 2-28)” Comments: Affords the ball carrier the same protection from tripping that other players have had for many years. Tripping or slide tackling is illegal as of 2016
  3. I rewatched it. It was blurry for some reason the first time I saw it, and I thought he just tackled him low. When it cleared up, I saw he slid into him. Totally agree with you.
  4. Nevermind, I take my statement back. I didn't realize he slid into him.
  5. Understood. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful to anyone, I was just bringing up a point.
  6. I am not the one complaining about the Tatum coaching staff. No disrespect to Barker at all. I was just making the point that you can't complain after your board nixed a hire for this guy. It just don't make sense to complain about him to me.
  7. Could have had Frazier from West Rusk, Whom by the way has the Waidas undefeated, but the board pulled a stunt. Yall are lucky anyone wants to coach there after that fiasco.
  8. Who do you have? Spring Hill is better, but probably not enough to take down the Buckeyes.
  9. Ok buddy. You can live in denial. I will DM you a picture if you wish, or you can live in denial your whole life :P
  10. You are correct. I have the picture to prove it. It was an impressive jump though. Also have heard there was a lame excuse there was a cut. That is also false. kid steps, and has his head down, but has both feet on the ground.
  11. If your cousin is like mine, you can go to their next wedding.
  12. These Argyle folks are about to be put into some culture shock out there in Gilmer. I would pay to see what would happen in one of those famous skunks made an appearance in the visitor stands.
  13. http://m.kltv.com/kltv/db/330566/content/tMf6Psho I am not trying to get a hornets nest stirred up, but I am genuinely curious as to if this has ever happened before around here, and if anyone has a clue what the reasoning is?
  14. Incorrect. There was no cut. Player did duck his head (Like most kids do on PAT) and kid hurdled, and put pressure on the kick. It was the correct call.
  15. Word on twitter is that RB Johnson is out for the year. Did he get hurt last night?
  16. Not sure. It was on Jack Stallard's Twitter.
  17. Foshee has resigned, and is headed back to White Oak
  18. I think Hardin Jefferson shut them out earlier this year. Paper said that was Smithermans first loss
  19. Smitherman is done on the bump for the series. New pitch count rules say he can't come back for 4 days, because he threw 110 pitches last night.
  20. Game 1 tonight at Lindale Game 2 tomorrow at Gary Game 3 Saturday at Lindale
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