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  1. Sulphur Springs first football game of the 2010 season will feature the return of Joey Florence with his Denton Ryan Raiders. Coach Flo got his start in coaching with the Wildcats as a wide eyed B team football coach at the Sulphur Springs Middle School under Coach Cameron some 18+ years ago. This is a game I would have loved to have seen the last two years but it will be interesting with a largely younger Wildcat squad being fielded next season. No doubt this will be a large test to see just how far the Cats will need to go as the season progresses.
  2. I saw the two penalties committed against our end that led to the two long scores but when you do the math we were still down by 1 even if those penatlies were called. Denison has a monster one two punch. The qb was huge and athletic. My view is two playoff heavyweights punched each other in the mouth over and over and in the end the better team this year won. I don't know if that proposed division II disrtict will ever see reality but I think having these two schools with the crowd followings and the recent history would make one heck of a in district rivalry. Good luck against Aledo next wee
  3. I had the crazy idea of going to the Garland DART train station and riding to SMU but it was gonna take an hour and the closest station to the stadium is 6 blocks away.
  4. Every town has one and if yours don't we'll let you have ours! :homer: DOH
  5. The beauty of it is we don't have to play that team from last year just Denison and while racking up 69 in a state title game was fun last year we are luckily only bound to win by 1 for it to count. We may not have the big names, but one game at a time and one point better than the other team gets it done every time.
  6. SS fans filled at least 3/4 of mesquite memorial home side last week. They'll show up although there are alot of schedule conflicts with the kids soccer league this week.
  7. Not as serious as origionally thought? Geesh Truefan, I would have rather you continued argueing aimlessly than have to read that! lol Just kidding, and the truth is we all let people get under our skin on here. No doubt Denison, Marshall and Sulphur Springs have great fans though and we all have a bond that is a passion for the game that should take presidence over the few loud mouths that care about themselves more than their communities good names.
  8. Am I the only one who sees this whole argument as growing a bit tired? Game? Saturday? 2:00? Anybody still remember that?
  9. This SS team got to feel the ultimate high last year and to alot of the critics the reasons they did are now laceing it up in college. This team at its core has alot to prove to themselves and the critics. I think that has alot to do with this playoff momentum they have going this year. Both teams have a chip on their shoulder of sorts and I have to believe that is gonna make for one intense game.
  10. Make no mistake. Denison is a good football team, they're on a roll, and don't think for a second they have forgotten who gave them their only loss a year ago. There will be nothing poor or little about this team or this game. It will be a dogfight and SS will have to match the intensity that a school with a state title and revenge on their minds will bring. It has all the makings of a classic.
  11. Just heard this from a coaches wife. If SMU hosts the conference championship the game will be a 7:00.
  12. Yea, I was hoping for a visit to Arlington myself but I guess geograpically this makes more sense Although if not Arlington why not Prim West again? Guess thats why they get paid the big bucks.
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