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  1. Rumor is that Brent Venables will be announced as the HC at the 3:00 PM press conference today.
  2. I kind of feel like that one was coming even with Riley not leaving.
  3. I’m just not high on the SEC puppet DC coordinators. What you did at Alabama and Georgia probably won’t work at Oklahoma.
  4. From what I understand I would not expect Rattler to follow Riley.
  5. My only concern is that this was the first class (2022) where we were actually landing β€œelite” defensive line talent. That progress seems to be all gone now.
  6. Unfortunately, I don't see selling "hope" working out for Oklahoma like it has other places.
  7. Oklahoma wasn’t even a reload. He was given the keys to a team that should have won the NC. The team got worse every year of his tenure.
  8. I don’t really care that Riley is leaving. I just care that it is going to ### up recruiting for three years right as we are entering the SEC.
  9. If you go with Venebles then I think the OC list starts with Grimes at Baylor and Lebby at Ole Miss.
  10. I think this sets us back 5 years. Not only did Riley leave, but he went to the place that he was beating for a lot of our big time recruits.
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