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  1. I’m personally looking forward to getting to play Arkansas.
  2. People don’t respond well when you try to take money away.
  3. Between this and select baseball we continue to ruin our youth lol.
  4. They both quit on their teammates, coaches, and communities. There is really no difference to that part of it.
  5. Is the other kid enrolling early at Texas or is he just going to be sitting on his *** in the fall?
  6. Instead of half your conference getting another loss late in the season they all win while half of the rest of the P5 is talking a loss. It’s ranking manipulation.
  7. I have read a lot of stupid things on this site, this might take the award for the dumbest statement I have ever seen.
  8. Well in fairness, Texas really killed the Big 12 a decade ago. This is just the fall out. Oklahoma didn’t run off Nebraska, Texas A&M, Missouri, and Colorado.
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