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  1. The Lonestar Linemen Challenge has several locations throughout the month of May.
  2. A position coach in 6A is a better football job than the AD of LK.
  3. Or just don't play soccer if you are a small school.
  4. If you were a kid who cared about football and you could choose between Hooks and Redwater why would you pick Redwater?
  5. I think that was a messed up posting. It is already gone and a girl's basketball one in its place.
  6. This past AD was spreadish. They were fine. They were flexbone for several years before that.
  7. I was hoping to get the teams you didn't play in 2024, but whatever is still a good schedule.
  8. We say things like that, but they will get plenty of people to apply. People need that 1st AD job to get in the club.
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