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  1. Washington is getting screwed with the bowl location as the higher seed.
  2. Washington is getting screwed with the bowl location as a higher seed.
  3. This would be the perfect year to only have two. Michigan vs Washington.
  4. @RETIREDFAN1 If @KirtFalcon has Texas above any undefeated team in NAIA through the Power 5 then you should revoke his voting privileges.
  5. Just be when you guys start throwing out “best” teams. Because Georgia would favored to beat any team in the country. Yes even probably the team that just beat them.
  6. If the committee picks the “best 4 teams” then Georgia will be in the top 4.
  7. Have you guys watched how the rankings work the last decade? Alabama won’t be left out.
  8. It’s not going to matter because they won’t be comparing Alabama and Texas for #4. It will be Texas and FSU.
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