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  1. They have won just as much as any school not coached by Nick Saban in the last 20 years.
  2. Here are some of my thoughts about it as a big consumer of Big 12 Football. 1. The league will never improve the overall national perception until Texas quits doing less with more. It is an absolute disaster that they have only had 3 first round draft picks in the last 12 years when they have an average recruiting class rank of 9 over the past 12 seasons. That is killing the league. 2. The introduction of TCU into the Big 12 hurt Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Baylor (to a certain extent) in recruiting. Now instead of three teams fighting over the second tier talent pool in Texas t
  3. This is a really interesting topic so I put this together this morning so we could have a bigger look at the big picture. Big 12 Draft Stats - Sheet1.pdf
  4. I don't think that impacted the BIg 12 numbers that much though. Maybe 3-4 Iowa State guys chose to come back that would have been drafted, but none of those guys were 1st round guys you would think? Maybe a team could have talked themselves into Brock Purdy in the 1st, who knows.
  5. Oklahoma was young and Texas has been underperforming for a decade. They are the only two schools who recruit on the level necessary to consistently put guys in the 1st round.
  6. https://www.brockusa.com/brockfill/ This is one that is becoming more common. Ore City has this and Harmony just got it I believe.
  7. They adding any space to the visitors sideline?
  8. I would imagine NDSU would be doing as usual if they had the #3 pick from the NFL Draft playing QB like it was supposed to be.
  9. Glad to not have to stand in that swamp anymore. That place was wet in August when it had not rained in 5 weeks.
  10. That more to do with the linemen in the senior class for Pewit this year than it does with any style of offense.
  11. Bridges was evicted from his apartment in Norman this morning.
  12. I don't disagree with you, but they lose money doing that too. Some places value the $$$ attached to kids and won't sacrifice that just for athletic success.
  13. So you had a closed mind about him having a closed mind???
  14. It also means that basketball and baseball coaches can't complain about the weight room during their seasons.
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