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  1. Tough District right now.
  2. You sound like you have been out of the profession for a minute.
  3. My experience is the opposite of that. Kids try to find way to miss because they are lazy.
  4. I had this problem with one teacher really bad years ago. One day I just went to her class and pull some kids out to do push ups in the hall. She got my point after that lol.
  5. It is kind of silly that it belongs to Tennessee anyways. The name, colors, records, and etc. should belong to the city not to the franchise.
  6. They were kind of down the last couple of years. They were better this year, but most of their better skill kids were 9th and 10th graders. They should be better next season.
  7. Officially on the 49ers bandwagon now. I want Trent Williams to get a ring.
  8. No coach is winning at Enid in that district that they are in. I just find it hard to believe that Tyler had to go all the way to Enid, Oklahoma to find a guy.
  9. I feel like it’s easier to get by with non athletic QB in a system like the slot t. In my experience the unblocked guy in the spead can cause more damage if you snapping from shotgun depth.
  10. They got kids for the spread right now.
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