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  1. They don’t have the front 4 talent to make the defense go. It will honestly probably be 2024 before it makes a noticeable change.
  2. This is the 1st team with a pulse that Oklahoma had played all year. They got what they deserved. Any realistic Oklahoma fan expected some losses this season. You won’t find me celebrating how close a game was.
  3. Curse of the Spread OCs. They just have to throw the ball or be cute. It’s an addiction.
  4. What is the point of stacking up d-linemen to run a 3 man front. Stupidity.
  5. Well, you will always have your one point loss to Alabama.
  6. Tech going to give this one away playing prevent defense.
  7. I was under the impression [maybe falsely] that Pine Tree was going to be decent this year?
  8. At this point they are going to have to be. This is no quick fix. It might take 5-7 years. But he will say no anyways.
  9. I would call Mark Stoops first if I was Nebraska. When he says "No" then I would start looking to steal one of the guys from a Big 12 school in my region.
  10. Frankston vs Harleton [Most likely the game for 2nd place in that District] PP vs Hooks Hughes Springs vs Harmony Joaquin vs Shelbyville
  11. Those 3 schools have won a lot of games the past decade.
  12. USC and Texas are the same to me. They have offensive coaches who used the transfer portal to improve the skill talent on their rosters. They are both below average on the O-line. Texas probably has a little more defensive talent.
  13. Texas is already getting that SEC quality loss poll points, and they aren't even in the conference yet.
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