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  1. No they aren’t. Parents care about what is best for their kid. Coaches have to do what is best for the program.
  2. So they did pay their recruiting class?
  3. He would be the the third guy to be named later in the triple threat match for the Sleazy World Heavyweight Championship.
  4. All coaches fall into two categories. 1. Coaches who have been fired 2. Coaches who will be fired someday.
  5. I’m just enjoying two of the sleaziest guys in the sport throwing dirt at each other. (Jimbo wouldn’t respond that way if there wasn’t some truth to it.)
  6. They didn't have to give him that to get him to Alabama though.
  7. Start with the 90 million we spend on STAAR Testing.
  8. I am not saying that is is not accounted for. I am saying the state could decide which things to spend money on better.
  9. Schools get plenty of money. Just spend it on less stupid things.
  10. I am not even sure that Booty is getting a scholarship. To me this seems more like a move to him to position for his coaching career after he is done playing. It is not the worst gig in the world to be the 3rd string guy at Oklahoma. Throw some passes and learn some stuff for a few years.
  11. These last two are just "depth" guys to me. The kid [Evers] they got from the 2022 class is not even close to being ready. They needed an adult in the room besides Gabriel. The Pitt guy was a 4 star kid with some experience. I think Booty is just for depth and it never hurts to have a QB from Allen on the roster.
  12. If all they worked was 180 days then I don't think they would be complaining. How about some paid vacation like every other professional industry for the most part.
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