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  1. These schools in the area were in the 250-275ish range last time. The cutoff was like 249. Arp Daingerfield Dekalb EF Leonard Newton Pewitt Waskom
  2. https://twitter.com/ou_softball/status/1666989144696930305?s=46
  3. How serious is that kid about baseball? Is he trying to do both? Is even good at baseball?
  4. Pitt in the 2022 Season Points Per Game for the season: 21.2 Points Allowed per Game for the season: 34.6 Points Per Game against everyone that is not Gilmer, Carthage, or PG: 27.3 Points Allowed Per Game against everyone that is not Gilmer, Carthage, or PG: 29.9 Points Per Game against Gilmer, Carthage, or PG: 10.8 Points Per Game against Gilmer, Carthage, or PG: 43 I think you have a Gilmer and Carthage problem like the rest of the 4AD2. Not a scheme issue.
  5. Pitt games specifically? Zero How many times have I been a part of the team with less talent shortening the game early with ball control vs a more talented team? 99% of all the football games that I have played or coached in.
  6. They were in the game early because there offense was shortening the game making the talent gap not as bad.
  7. Be loyal to people not to a school district. I’ve learned that one the hard way.
  8. That is something I never realized until today.
  9. I think they want to see how a 2 or 3 loss team from the SEC vs a 1 loss team from a weaker conference is treated in the new 12 format before they super commit to anything.
  10. Saw this on Twitter and thought it was a cool logo so I posted it here.
  11. It’s just for 2024 hopefully.
  12. Not football related necessarily, but Gladewater lost a coach who had been there forever, Lewis, to Timpson.
  13. I just the latest post with the GW on top.
  14. Then why would they be the pick to win the district?
  15. Was Gladewater young last year? They were not very impressive.
  16. Diana will be improved this year. They could be really good in 24-25 if they don’t find a way to “Diana” it.
  17. Nebraska was fine with the unequal revenue sharing in the Big 12 in the 90s when they were the top dog. It only became an issue once they were below Texas and Oklahoma in the pecking order.
  18. It never hurts to have some athletic kids to bring with you.
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