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  1. That is true, but I will be shocked if Oklahoma wins this game.
  2. Oklahoma has typically been extremely conservative in dealing with concussions. I will be surprised if he plays. I think Texas wins regardless.
  3. DG supposedly practiced in pads yesterday. Who knows.
  4. Only idiots would argue that Brian Kelly is not a very good coach.
  5. He was the O-line guy at Waskom. The OC from Waskom did go to Tatum.
  6. If they quit having it at the actual Cotton Bowl then I would rather have it on the home campuses than in Arlington.
  7. Kilgore and Lindale should be good.
  8. This isn’t just a Hughes Springs problem.
  9. Tell me you haven’t really watched Oklahoma play football the past 5 years without saying it.
  10. Hughes Spring will beat New Diana and Queen City.
  11. This is the 3rd/4th place game for this district.
  12. I'm not saying A&M wins, but Alabama has looked mortal at times this year. A&M has a good defense and plenty of talent. If one of their QB's has a great game then who knows.
  13. It just always seem that whenever Team A is supposed to "kill" Team B in the regular season it does not typically go that way.
  14. Wasn't Alabama supposed to kill Texas A&M last year too?
  15. Texas had more head coaches the last 10 years that they have total Big 12 Championships in football during the whole existence of the conference.
  16. Disagree heavily here. I have seen D1 linemen that were not as good as a high school player as some other high school players in their district who were not D1 caliber.
  17. Texas would have to win the Big 12 Championship for 11 years in a row to just tie Oklahoma for the most Big 12 Titles in Football.
  18. Just for fun. Texas would have to win 35 straight Big 12 games along with Oklahoma losing every game to have the same All-time conference record as Oklahoma.
  19. Tennessee TCU Arkansas Texas Utah USC Notre Dame Kansas State Alabama NC State *Tiebreaker: 72
  20. I just think they stopped caring about football.
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