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  1. Crandall Playing Sulphur Springs in Royse City
  2. Lufkin beat Nac to take the 4 seed. Last score I saw was 17-0
  3. They are not going to make it, currently 5th and I do not see them beating Lufkin once let alone twice to get in.
  4. Nac. couldn't play because of track on Saturday.
  5. I agree that Jax is one of the factors keeping Nac North. Jax moving widens the distance for Nac from other district schools. As long as Jacksonville stays 5A-2 they wont split Nac/Jax up. The drop for Jax would do it. Nac would go with Huntsville and Bryan/College St is what I think would happen.
  6. Cleveland was barely over the 5-A D1 line, but the population continues to grow. The population for Cleveland is growing due to the expansion of the HWY 99 toll road. The growth rate from 2010 to 2020 was 10%, the town is close to 9,000 in pop and if the growth continues with only one High School they aren't dropping down anytime soon.
  7. Crandall is another school that effects the realignment, they had 1316 last count 86 over the threshold for 5a-D2. I suspect they will have a higher number in 2022. They could affect the split of the east texas 5a district's as well.
  8. Nac may never see success in softball, atleast for a while.
  9. It flipped about 5-6 years ago, there was a change in the little league program here. Nac Youth Softball association board was taken over by parents from small towns out and around Nac. They changed the team building rules and schedules to allow those teams to be built and kept together from Tball all the way through high school while the players that live in Nac get shuffled from team to team every year. I wont use the "R" word but the the really good younger players end up leaving Nac ISD in elementary school in favor of some of the smaller schools. Girls Softball and Volleyball
  10. The problem with both Nac and Tyler is they have pitching and ZERO defense behind them. So many fielding errors doesn't give the pitching a chance. 8 and 9 run innings just kills any chance you have and robs your hitters of any leeway at the plate.
  11. Nac will play original Non-distirct Schedule Kilgore Lufkin Tyler High Open- Whitehouse-Away PT-Home MP-Home Jax-Away-Our first trip to the new tomato bowl Hallsville-Home TH-away Marshall-Home
  12. Super proud of the Lady Dragons Basketball team. They fought back from being own 12 with 4 minutes left in the game and had a chance at the tie or the win in the final 4 seconds. They showed a lot of heart fighting back against a team no one gave them a chance against. Good Job Lady Dragons!!!
  13. Nac beat everyone they swam against before district this year with the exception of 6a Tyler Legacy. Nac swimmers swam well, and if the UIL wouldn't have changed the rules due to cov-id and took the top 2 finishers in all the events as in years past. Nac would be sending 3 relays and 4 individual swimmers to State. The Men's 400 Free relay got a state call up this morning for having a top 8 time in the state so now sending 2 relays to state.
  14. 5a-Region 4 Swimming and Diving Championships Team Scores Highland Park 1st Place and Regional Champion Texas High 2nd Place Nacogdoches 3rd Place Men's Highland Park 1st Place Texas High 2nd Place Nacogdoches 3rd Place Women's Highland Park 1st Place Texas High 2nd Place Midlothian 3rd Place Nacogdoches 4th Place 5A District 15 and 16 State Qualifiers 200 Relay-Boys-Texas High 200 Free-Girls-Hudson-Boys -New Diana 200IMGirls-Hudson-Boys-Henderson 50 Free-Boys-Texas High 100 Fly-Boys-Texas High
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