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  1. Great game by Harmony last night!! What happened the 1st 4 weeks of the season that had them sitting at 0-4?
  2. We have a lot of schools in the area that only play basketball and baseball. Not sure about up North but around Nac and Lufkin that's what we have.
  3. 16-5A Men's Basketball School Name W-L Pct. PF PA Strk Lufkin 1-0 1.000 54 36 1 W Nacogdoches 2-0 1.000 151 73 2 W Kingwood Park 3-3 0.500 273 241 2 L Porter 1-3 0.250 191 204 2 L Huntsville 0-1 0.000 24 76 1 L Dayton 0-3 0.000 123 229 3 L
  4. Nac. Mens Basketball had a great start to their season!! (2-0) Defeated Pine Tree on Tuesday 83-37 Defeated Central Heights Friday 68-36 Nac. plays @ Hallsville tonight and Jacksonville next Tuesday and then starts tournament season.
  5. Allman has made the playoffs 2 of his 4 years but has only managed to be above .500 one time. Reyes had some really good teams but some bad luck with injuries to top end players, especially the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 teams. Every other time we have made the playoffs our reward was a top 5 team in the state and the #1 seed from the other district. I want the best candidate for the job and Allman's resume was impressive on paper it just has not materialized on the field. I agree Nac has too much talent to win 1 game, and I agree to have that many players listed 1st and 2nd team all district and finish last is maddening. I cant speak on who they had in mind during the last interview process and who was under consideration. However, it looks like Reyes is doing well for himself in Lumberton and continued success their will surely open him up for a bigger school in the future. Hindsight is always 20-20!!
  6. You hear things, but we have all seen it time and time again. What we are all talking about is not hear say. We aren't talking about rowdy student sections, rowdy student sections are fun. We are ALL talking about student sections/fans and players that cross the line of being rowdy, with racial slurs, signage, chants and actions. Hearing about 1 incident that was dealt with by a school is completely different than a consistent issue that is obviously being ignored. A single isolated incident can be chalked up to teen-agers making mistakes and having to be dealt with. Every schools student section will have something stupid happen that is addressed right then and there.
  7. I have no stake in this game at all, but Crandall is not Whitehouse. I personally do not think WH was as good as their record indicated. Maybe that's my biased after watching Nac beat them. They are soft against the run and succeeded in the games where they could force the game into a track meet that went with their hurry up offense. Heavy run teams that keep their offense off the field and make the defense stop the run have had success. Marshall can absolutely win this game, but they will have to play keep away from the Crandall offense and can not get behind. It is a great sign for Marshall that they have done this well in Alvarez's first season. Looking at his track record when he changes schools those teams have gone 3-7, 2-8 and missed the playoffs. Great sign that Marshall was able to have a winning record and make the playoffs in his first season as his history shows it only gets better for him from here. Good Luck Mavs and all of District 8-5a
  8. Yes, we are talking about teenage boys, but the actions of their student/fan sections and players on the field and on the court can not be chalked up to boys being boys. Means the coaches, families and administration have to act to teach them that the behavior they exhibit is not acceptable. With the behavior also happening from the parents in the stands doesn't look like it is going to change. There is a difference in fan bases complaining to each other in the stand about plyers, coaches and officials but when those comments are yelled loud enough for an entire gym to hear it during a timeout or a sign being brought in and allowed to be displayed that is disparaging. That stuff is not debatable and has not changed, it was witnessed last year in Nac. during a basketball game by me personally. MavChamps isn't the only one who has seen it or heard it, he is just the most vocal about it. He takes the time to do the write ups and put things together for the games so he has every right to omit details about a team if he chooses to do so. If you want details about Whitehouse's performances by all means post them. As a fan of that team you can relay whatever info you want out to the masses. Defending a team and a program that has showed a long history of this behavior towards the rest of the district is going to have comments made about them.
  9. Any news on where kilgore will play Bi-District??
  10. Going to be a very entertaining game!! Hope the scoreboard operator is ready to push the button on the score. As a Crandall alum I am going with the Pirates. Only a very good Melissa team has held the offense under 30pts on the season. I have said numerous times that this may be Crandall's best team ever and finishing 3rd in this district doesn't tell the story on how good this team has been this year. The 1991 team and the 2019 have had the longest playoff runs over the last 40 years. We will see if this team can match this or if Marshalls running game will be too much for them.
  11. Saw it after I asked and went to edit it, but it wouldn’t update
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