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  1. I have always felt Nac has the school enrollment as a 5a school but the athletic participation of a small 4a school, with the exception of soccer. Some sports barely have a enough for a viable freshman and JV team.
  2. I don't believe that the programs other than band try and dictate single sport participation. The youth sports is where we see single sport athletes emerge, it just carries over to high school because they stop playing all but one sport at a young age. Soccer has definitely raised its numbers, in fact I think the soccer programs has more kids than football does from freshman, jv and varsity.
  3. The way I understand it, first tie breaker is head to head. So lufkin would be the 2 seed in both mens and womens. LP beat KP both times in district play 3-0 LP Girls beat and tied Nac
  4. The community support has a lot to do with, outside of 4-5 years this program has done nothing but lose for the last 50 years. Look at any program that gets in a rut of losing and the fans stay away. That 2006 year, that team fought their tails off and earned that playoff spot. But the reward for us making the playoffs as the last seed in the district has been a battle with a top 5 team with little to no chance of winning the game. I hate it for the kids of all of our sports, some of the kids go above and beyond with work and prep and get little to no support with fan turnout. Last years softball was a perfect example, best team Nac has had in 10 years and no one in town knew about it. Very few attended games and they had a great playoff round vs a top 10 team in Hallsville that went 3 close games. Baseball definitely draws more than softball, but baseball has had more success over the last 10 years or so. The soccer games vs really good teams can draw as many as some of our football games. As for our band.....I agree we are one of the best military bands in the state during halftime. However, they are one of the worst bands I have ever seen in the stands and playing during the games. They tend to sit quietly for most of the game, making noise for noise sake at the start of the game. When they play they play the same music they play at half time. No pump up songs or game day anthems and our visiting bands tend to make Dragon stadium more of a home game for the visiting team.
  5. There are 3 on staff that have interest
  6. Carthage vs Hudson-Tuesday, Feb 14th @ 6pm-Nacogdoches Highschool Dragons Den
  7. 16-5A Basketball School Name *W-L *Pct. *PF *PA W-L Pct. PF PA Strk Lufkin 8-0 1.000 431 286 31-3 0.912 1,925 1,392 11 W Kingwood Park 5-3 0.625 328 323 15-17 0.469 1,410 1,361 1 W Nacogdoches 5-3 0.625 427 319 19-12 0.613 1,586 1,363 1 L Porter 3-5 0.375 323 349 10-21 0.323 1,266 1,496 1 W Huntsville 3-5 0.375 376 454 5-17 0.227 1,053 1,384 1 L Dayton 0-8 0.000 306 460 9-23 0.281 1,458 1,754 8 L Friday District Finales Nac @ Kingwood park Huntville @ Lufkin Dayton @ Porter District seeding gets sorted out tonight. Nac. and KP play at 730pm in Kingwood to decide #2/3 seed. Porter and Huntsville are tied for 4th. Porter gets winless in district Dayton and Huntsville travels to Lufkin. Huntsville dropped their last meeting with Lufkin by 22pt. Porter and Dayton played a 41-40 OT game a few weeks ago so it isn't out of the question that Dayton could win and possibly force a 3rd meeting between Porter and Huntsville early next week. Huntsville and Porter split the two meetings between them. A lot on the line tonight for everyone but Lufkin. Lufkin has clinched the district title and the #1 seed in the district.
  8. Nac vs Mt Pleasant, Monday @ Tyler Legacy at 630pm.
  9. East Texas Swim Update Our East Texas Schools competed in the Class Region 4 Regional Finals Swim meet this past week in New Caney Team Scores Texas High Boys won the Regional Championship defeating Kingwood Park and Lucas Lovejoy by a total of 3 Points. Nacs Girls Finished 3rd in the Region behind Kingwood Park and Lucas Lovejoy. East Texas Individual Events heading to State-Top 2 swimmers or teams in each event advance to state. 200Yd Medley Relay-TX High Boys Finished 2nd-Nacs girls finished 3rd-possibel state call up. 200Yd Free Style Boys-Nac swimmer won the event and set the school record. 200Yd IM Girls-Nac swimmer won the event-Boys-Whitehouse swimmer finished 2nd 50yd Free-Boys-Hallsville Swimmer finished 2nd 100Yd Fly-Girls-Nac swimmer won then event and set the school record-Defending State Champ-Boys WH swimmer finished 2nd. 100Yd Free-Boys-Nac swimmer won the event and set the school record. TX High Swimmer finished 2nd. 500Yd Free-Boys-Texas High swimmer finished 2nd and joins his brother at state who advanced in the 100 free. 200YD Free relay-Nacs Girls finished 3rd-Possibel call up for state. Boys-Nac finished 3rd and is being called up to state. 100Yd back-Boys-Texas High won the event-winner advancing in his 2nd event. Hallsville finished 2nd. 100Yd breast-Boys-2 Whitehouse swimmers finish 1st and 2nd. 400Free relay-Nacs girls finish 3rd-Possibel state Call up-Boys-Texas High wins the event. WH 3rd and Nac 4th East Texas was well represented at the regional meet. Region 4 teams Nac WH TX High Tyler Mt Pleasant Hallsville Lufkin Forney West Mesquite North Mesquite Mesquite Poteet Lucas Lovejoy Porter Kingwood Park Melissa Longview Huntsville
  10. Looks like 2nd/3rd place will be decided on Feb 10th, when Nac travels to Kingwood Park. KP upset Nac in Nac 2 weeks ago on a last second offensive rebound put back with 1.36 seconds left. Nac plays their last home game Friday against Porter and then finishes out with 3 straight road games @ Lufkin, KP and Dayton.
  11. Kingwood park beat Porter 53-46 Kp is alone in 3rd and Porter and Nac are tied for 4th @ 3-5. Porter and Nac play in Porter on Friday. Nac plays Lufkin to finish off the regular season and Porter finishes with Huntsville. The winner of the Nac/Porter game looks to clinch the final playoff spot. The loser would need to win the finale and have the other lose against the top 2 teams in the district.
  12. They did when reyes was the coach. Reyes took over I think his last 2 years. Allman was hired as both. I am not sure what they are planning this time around.
  13. Yes, I have heard Stickland has been lobbying for it for a while, that is all hearsay, I am not going to say the other name I have heard because I have not heard it directly from him.
  14. As of now, I have heard of 2 for sure that are interested.
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