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  1. Nac is returning a lot of players from varsity and gaining more from a very good JV team last year. Getting B. Jones back in the middle of the defense will be huge for the strength of the team the last few years. Nacs defensive problems were more on the offense not holding on the ball and not scoring when they had the chance, setting up short fields. Nac has a returning Senior QB that split time last year and a Junior that was the starter on JV until the last 3 games and got hurt against Texas High. Nac is going to be much better than last year. How much better and what that record will be is the question. I think Nac as a top 4 teams is a good starting point until we see how the season starts.
  2. This has nothing to do with Sports, but I wanted to post this. My uncle passed away this past week and they lived in the Pittsburgh/Mt Pleasant area for 20 Years. His service was in Mt Pleasant yesterday and as the procession was going through town, EVERY single car stopped and turned their lights on. The one that really grabbed mine and my families attention was a gentleman that was doing his yard down 67, he stopped his mower, got off, removed his hat and bowed his head as we were going by. This touched my family so much, my oldest daughter began to cry. She thought it was the nicest thing she has ever seen anyone do for someone they did not know. Thank You Mt Pleasant!!! What a respectful city, and My Uncle would have been proud to see it!!
  3. Nac's starters through the first 2 games have gone 14 innings allowing only 4 hits, 23 strikeouts and no runs!!!
  4. I doubt it has ever made it that far, but anyone challenging that in my opinion would have their child labeled a a problem and ruin any chance they have of playing in college or the next level. Coaches don't want have to the distractions around their team. The 2 sport recommendation has more to do with not having a kid using the same muscles year round causing more damage and chance of injury. Baseball being played year round, especially if you are pitching year round is increasing the amount of shoulder and elbow injuries, some end in Tommy John surgery before a kid even graduates from high school. I don't see any thing wrong with a program asking their kids to play more than one sport at least for one year in high school.
  5. It may not seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but congratulations to the Nac Lady Dragons Softball team. The Lady Dragons made the playoffs for the first time in 10 years and fought a very tough softball program in round 1 of the playoffs. Game 1 they looked like a team that hasn't played in a big game in a decade. Last night the Lady Dragons played a very good game and came up short. This team won more regular season games than they have in the last 5 years combined. They are only losing 3 seniors and only 1 that starts, they will be adding 3 freshman next year that are high end talent. This will add to, the 3 freshman starters they had this year. One is a pitcher that is even to, or better than the one they had starting this year. Oh and this years starter was a freshman and the pitcher coming up from middle school is her sister!! Great Season Lady Dragons!!!
  6. 16-5A SOFTBALL STANDINGSY-Huntsville (8-0), (20-10)X-Nacogdoches (5-3), (16-9-1)X-Lufkin (5-3), (16-8-1)Whitehouse (4-4), (17-13)Jacksonville (2-6), (2-15-1)Tyler (0-8), (2-14) X-Clinched a Playoff Spot Y-Clinched District Huntsville Beat Nac 5-0 Lufkin Beat Whitehouse 8-7 Jacksonville Beat Tyler 14-2 Tuesdays Games Nac @ Jax Tyler @ Lufkin Huntsville @ WH Huntsville wins the district with the win over Nac and Lufkin clinched a playoff spot with the win over Whitehouse. Nac and LP are tied for 2nd and Whitehouse sits in 4th. A Nac and LP win coupled with a WH loss on Tuesday sets up a 2nd place showdown in Nac next Friday April 22nd. Jacksonville is still alive for the 4th spot but must win out and have Whitehouse lose out.
  7. Huntsville Lady Hornets win district 16-5a, beating Nac Lady Dragons 5-0.
  8. 16-5A SOFTBALL STANDINGSX-Huntsville (7-0), (19-10)X-Nacogdoches (5-2), (16-8-1)Lufkin (4-3), (15-8-1)Whitehouse (4-3), (17-12)Jacksonville (1-6), (1-15-1)Tyler (0-7), (2-13) X-Clinched a Playoff Spot Huntsville, and Nac have clinched a playoff spot. Huntsville will clinch the outright district title with a win over Nac on Friday. Thursday, April 14th Nac @ Huntsville Jax @ Tyler Lufkin @ WH 3 Games Left for each team in District. Huntsville has Nac, WH and Jax left-Huntsville can clinch the outright district title by beating Nac. on Thursday. A Nac win keeps their slim chance alive of a shared district title. Huntsville would have to lose another and Nac win out to force a tiebreaker game for seeding purposes. Nac has Huntsville, Jax and LP Left-Nac can share the district title or fall to 4th. Nac gets 2nd Seed with a win over Jax and LP no matter what happens with Huntsville. LP has WH, Tyler and Nac Left-LP can clinch the 2nd spot with a win over WH and Nac, can fall to 4th with loss to WH and Nac. Clinch a playoff spot with Win or Jax loss. WH has Lufkin, Tyler and Huntsville Left-WH can finish anywhere between 2nd to out of the playoffs-Clinches a playoff spot with a win or JAX loss. Jax has Tyler, Nac and Huntsville left-Jax can not lose another game or they will be eliminated, Jax needs to win out and needs a lose out by either WH or LP to force a play in game. Tyler has been eliminated There is a very high probability we will see play in games for seeding purposes out of this district for one spot or the other.
  9. Nac Lady Dragons defeat Tyler 13-1 to clinch a playoff spot.
  10. 16-5A SOFTBALL STANDINGSHuntsville (5-0), (17-10)Nacogdoches (4-1), (15-7-1)Lufkin (3-2), (14-7-1)Whitehouse (2-3), (15-12)Jacksonville (1-4), (1-13-1)Tyler (0-5), (2-11) 2nd Round of District Starts tonight Nac @ Whitehouse Tyler @ Huntsville Jacksonville @ Lufkin Huntsville-has only given up 4 runs in district so far, all in one game. Huntsville needs 1 win to clinch a playoff spot. Huntsville hosts Nac next Friday April 14th, that game looks to be for the district title. Nac-Probably the most surprising team in East Texas this year, they have more wins overall right now than they have had in the last 3-4 years. They have also won more district games than in the last 4 years combined. Nac needs 1 win and a Jax loss to clinch a playoff spot. Nac is the only team to be competitive with Huntsville so far. LP-Lady pack have hammered on Tyler and Jax, close loss to Nac, close win vs WH and was hammered by Huntsville. A win over Jax tonight and they will all but assure themselves a playoff spot. WH-Lady Cats have struggled against Nac, LP and Huntsville and dominated Tyler and Jax. They have a 3 run loss to Nac but scored both of their runs in the last inning and a 1 run loss at LP. Lady Cats clinch a playoff spot by beating Jax in the 2nd round of district. Jax-The Maidens have a very good pitcher but defense has not helped her out. Jax has only scored 8 runs in district and had a close loss to Nac, 4 Nac errors kept the Maidens in the game before losing in extra innings. Jax is going to have to beat a couple of the teams ahead of them in WH, Nac or LP and hope for some help. Tyler-The Lady Lions have only scored 2 runs in district play, both runs in games where they gave up 20+ runs against Jax an WH. 2 losses will officially eliminate Tyler from playoff contention.
  11. Last time I remember Terrell having a good team Jamie Fox was still in school there.
  12. 7-5A Crandall Denison Greenville Lucas LoveJoy Melissa Mesquite Poteet Princeton Terrell
  13. Nac. only lost 12 seniors off of last years team and only 3 of those were starters. Nac. has a very talented middle school group coming and they are also the largest group Nac. has had coming up in the last 8 years. Nac will also have Braxton Jones returning this year after a Knee Injury cost him the entire season last year. Jones was ranked in the top 15 for linebackers in the state. They are returning all of their skilled position players on offense and 3 of the 5 lineman. Nac also returns the bulk of their defense including standout WR/S De'Marea Weaver. MP and PT have also had coaching changes in the offseason.
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