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  1. Didn't a Whitehouse predict they were gonna go 10-0 this year?
  2. Please add your Bi-District Matchups to this thread with date/location and time.
  3. We lost to PT by 3, 23-20 missed a FG with 10 seconds left.
  4. We lost by 3 to PT 27-24, in a 3 way tie scenario with Marshall and PT the score between Nac/Marshall would decide. We have 3 district losses by 11 points total. Marshall is +18 by beating PT 31-13, Nac is -3 and PT -15 right now.
  5. Makes zero difference on the timing of the flag, it was a hit to the head of a receiver in the air, and MT Pleasant got away with about 4-5 of those through out the game. There was no one on the MP side of the field except the receiver that caught the ball. I am assume the refs are from the SFA Chapter and it has to be their worse rated crew. It was absolutely terrible from start to finish for both teams all the way around. I think both teams started 1st and 20 most of the night.
  6. I agree about the officials being absolutely horrible for both sides all the way through the game!! That crew is horrible every game they call. But dominated come on!! That's seeing the game through MP colored glasses, Nac settled in and forced those mistakes after going down 14-0 and if not for a phantom holding call calling a TD back that's 14-7 in the first quarter. Nac made mistakes as well in this game so both teams had theirs. Probably at least 4 times we missed receivers running free in the secondary that would have been big gains/TDs. Nac has 3 district losses by 5 or less points.
  7. The loser of this game is in trouble the winner puts themselves in a great position for 3 or 4 seed. Nac has MP, TH and Marshall left. MP has PT, WH and Hallsville left. The chances of 3-4 way ties and tie breakers coming into play is real for this district right now.
  8. WH will be hard pressed to fall to 4th, they have H2H already against 2 of the teams they could tie with a huge point differential over PT. I think at this point WH is no worse than the 2 seed. Nac, Marshall, PT and MP are fighting for that 3 and 4 spots and have to travel to Melissa and Lovejoy for round 1.
  9. Playoff implications wise, Nac needs this to be Whitehouse wining this game. Based on what I have seen so far IMO PT has the better chance of losing multiple games down the stretch than WH does.
  10. Last year WH struggled with the power running game of the dragons and couldn’t throw the ball with consistency. Nac is a different team with more team speed across the board and hoping we get the two RBs that killed them last year.
  11. Top 2 running backs still in street clothes, running backs that played last night are both sophomores.
  12. Dont like losing but we were in this game. Down 35-22 at CH 22 and could score to get it to one score game. CH scored on the first play after stopping us. Was not the dominating blow out that everyone expected. Held CH to their lowest point total of the year and continue to see good things. Impression to start district is Nac is a different team this vs previous 5-6 years. We play hard even when down, before we would have quit and given up 60 in a game like this.
  13. Nac Freshman win 14-0 over CH and are 3-1 with only loss being 6-0 to Lufkin Nac JV White lost 12-0 to CH Nac JV Black lost to Arp 14-0 Nac has such a large sub-varsity group they have been splitting JV into to 2 teams and playing a freshman game and 2 JV games every home game so far.
  14. Yes which in turn means you may be playing against less talented teams, which is easier to stand out.
  15. All I am saying is Nac is a better team this year vs last. I am not saying Nac wins this game but I think Nac will make its plays. In my opinion Nac is playing with house money in this game. Can do no worse than 2-2 in non-district after most people picked them to go 0-4. They have had all week of hearing about the #1 team in the state. This is a good tune up for district, playing a team that is more talented than most of the teams in our district. Nac has thrown as much as it has this year for 2 reasons, matchups and RB injuries. So far no one has been able to cover #3, even in the double teams, he has made his catches and some have been phenomenal 1 handed and diving catches, and he is a great kid on top of that. We had a few other players emerge last week against Lumberton that can take pressure off of him having to make all the plays.
  16. and he played both ways last year.
  17. Comparing players from Lufkin and CHILL is a little silly, the kids in Lufkin playing 4A schools would look just as big, fast and talented as the 2 main weapons CHILL has. I am not putting either school down but you have to compare apples to apples.
  18. Yes they have no running game! QB is not mobile, and only 2 receivers to speak of. Defense couldn’t cover our receivers alll night. Their D line was pretty good.
  19. Nac wins 34-20 gave up 2 late touchdowns with our 2nd team defense in the game made this game look closer than it was. great game from Nac should have hit 50 tonight, 2 tds called back one was a 102 ud pick 6 by #3 out WR. Block in the back was even anywhere near the play.
  20. 28-6 Nac scored on a long pass and then got onside kick scored 4 plays later. brown has 3-80 and a TD. Getting triple covered and other receivers are single covered
  21. Nac has dominated on both sides of the ball so far. Lumberton has hit one big play for TD other than have not done much. Lumberton has negative rushing yards at halftime. Nac had some penalties to end the half that pushed them from the lumberton 20 back to midfield and had a TD called back. lumberton is struggling covering Nacs receivers.
  22. So far after 2 games I am seeing a different Nac. team than in the previous 4-5 years. The bodily language is different in the tough situations. They were still playing hard to the end of the first two games where previous teams completely quit. It is early and its hard to say where this season goes but I like what I am seeing. Whether we go 2-2 in non-district or 1-3 this is basically preseason. I also don't care about it being against 1st string, 2nd string or the cheerleaders getting reps in a new offense with a new coaching staff and playing hard is what I am looking for. We have scored more points through 2 games than we did last year, we have given up less points, and won more games. We are seeing some great plays from our skilled positions and making plays in the areas that we historically just miss on. Even a year where we miss the playoffs or only win 1 more game can still be a productive year and so far this season has been more exciting than anything we have had since 2013 and 2014.
  23. I am not sure football has ever been a rivalry other than the name. Personally would love to see this series end in football, it does neither team anygood. However, this game isn't going anywhere, I don't think either community will ever let this game go away. The other sports are competitive for the most part.
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