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  1. Lorena vs. Columbus game. Do you guys plan to be in the stands or down on the Pfield? Would like to stop by and say hello
  2. Brock is on a whole other level. unfortunately Lorena is on the level above that. LL
  3. No no. I can admit when I am wrong. I was Off by 3 points. I will stick to my day job I guess
  4. My computer has it at 13. But I do have an old computdt so...
  5. I Could not decide who else would be strong next year. But i guess i would add them (Rockdale) and maybe Troy
  6. I would love to have Cameron LRA Lorena Franklin Next year together in a district of death
  7. Lol. I think he meant the team strength not each player. Calpreps has Diboll as more than a 4TD underdog. Anyone else like to use calpreps for matchups? I like to match up teams against their past years
  8. I think if Lorena jumps out ahead fast Diboll will have to ditch the "work the clock" run game and it may end up looking like the Columbus game.
  9. Does anyone know much about this years Diboll team? I see the D is good. What about the O?
  10. Would like to see more east Tx schools update their stats
  11. All top 20 won. That's district play for ya
  12. Yep, a really good week one game with a big crowd. Great way to start the season.
  13. "was told Lorena got handled by Waco Connally" i think connally got in the Leopard end zone 3 times all scrimmage. Got in the Lions end zone 5 times. Soooo
  14. Not so fast people. I think Both of these teams might be a bit better this year. Makes for a great game Again! I will be at this one. Anyone else?
  15. Crowd size. = Lorena Cheerleaders = Lorena Drumline = Lorena Mascot = Pittsburg. I have always wanted to be a pirate
  16. Those Pitt 2 way players are gunna get a workout
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