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  1. Regardless…Rio is supposed to be an offensive guru so whoever is calling the plays is under the leadership of Rio. He’s allowing the vanilla offense
  2. Callahan is boasting about getting CH’s OC with 9000+ yds of offense in the last two years. IMO the only reason ch isn’t holding a couple of state trophies from the last 3 years is the offensive play calling. Let’s be honest Stewart/Brisbon earned the 9k yards along with some great oline work. Any coach can call Ricky/brisbon run right or left and rack up the yards as in recent years. Great defenses and def coordinators straight shut it down going into the semis and finals. As in recent years. Of course it falls on Rio ultimately and he hasn’t changed it. Goibg into next season we have to replace some really good olinemen and integrate a new OC. Me personally would like to see the young Qb get work and get the ball in brisbons hands in open space or out of the backfield with Ricky. If we run the same offensive plan as the last 3 years we will see the same results. Make a deep run and shut down late. If we see a coordinator utilize the talent and spread the field watch out because i believe we could be holding a trophy. All up in the air right now and in Rios hands. Will he adjust or play the same ole playbook. We will see. Ready to support the kids regardless.
  3. I look forward to another great year from CH. Notice the trend as of lately. Two semi-final game and a state championship game. I do not see us winning the ship without some changes on offense. When we get deep and reach those outstanding defenses and coaches, they shut us down. Vanilla play calling. Too predictable. If we can spread the ball with some sort passing game and get away from brisbin/stewart run right run left i like our chances of a state title. The talent is in place.
  4. I believe so. I’ve heard good things about that JV QB. We need to start diversifying our offense immediately so maybe we are not so one dimensional next season. It kills us in the big games with good defenses. I think we rely on raw talent. I think the raw talent has got us where we were the last 3 seasons. It’s time to implement an offense that has reason instead of the same ole. Can our staff do that? Time will only tell. Enough of the stud to the right, stud to the left, stud#2 to the right, stud#2 to the left. Let’s implement a complete offense. It’s been said that Rio is an offensive guru…you sure wouldn’t think by looking at our play calling. I’ve often wondered what a Coach Cochran (lindale) could put together with CH’s talent. Could be scary. Look at what he does with talent he has. He adjusts constantly and makes it happen.
  5. Congrats to Anna. Well deserved championship to an outstanding well coached team.
  6. Game day! Win or lose…thank you CH football. It’s been a fun ride this season!
  7. I agree. I have felt like Kilgore has been more diverse in the last couple of seasons. It feels real good to hear that ch whipped yall physically. It’s known that kilgore has an outstanding oline and dline. To know our guys competed well feels good.
  8. I don’t think Davenports defense can compare to kilgores. I think we will be ok.
  9. I agree man. It’s known I’ve been negative towards Rios decision making. I will say they were on point last night. Besides the adjustments, the staff had the kids in a good spot mentally. They had the kids in a good mindset and it showed. Great job to Rio and staff!
  10. I knew when the Kilgore qb, Rb, and some linemen were arguing amongst themselves we were in a good spot. Our defense was really frustrating them.
  11. Great season Kilgore! Great win Ch. The defense def showed up and our run game was too much. Great job by the staff and players. Now let’s get pass the semis. Stuart is a handful for anyone. And to think those three in the backfield return next year.
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