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  1. And they travel 45 miles. How does this work out?
  2. Great game. It does suck that someone has to go home. Kilgore gave us all we wanted. CH has got to clean up the fumbles and stupid penalties. We are lucky we survived tonight. On to the semis CH. Let’s get it done.
  3. Lindales defense was down this year. Especially stopping the run. We nearly scored 80. The success y’all had last week running the ball won’t be as easy tonight. We held yalls running game in check our last match and I’m hoping we do it again. We will score some points.
  4. They got knocked off the first half of lumberton. All business now
  5. It’s game day! Two great teams will soon come together and send the other packing. Kilgore don’t be mad at us✌
  6. I’m certain CH knows how good Kilgore is. I’m predicting 14+ but still nervous lol
  7. I also predict that CH will bring double the fans. Lots of noise will be made.
  8. I’m going with CH 14+. Last week proved that our coaching staff is able to change and adjust. The staff that makes the best adjustments win this ballgame. I’m going with Rio. We will score and make adjustments to slow Ross.
  9. This will be a great game. Of course I’m rooting for CH. We witnessed a very sloppy first half against a VERY good Lumberton team. I’m not sure what the coaches said at half but boy what a second half. These boys could have laid down at half down 17-0. They came out on fire with a will to win. Coaches made great adjustments and the boys excuted. It’s a hard run to state but i believe it’s a huge mental game. These boys proved that anything is possible with a great attitude and a will to win. Great team effort. Again, lumberton was an outstanding football team. They had the total package and we survived it. We know Kilgore is a great team but if these boys play with the 2nd half effort we saw last night, we move on.
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