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  1. I’ve got a feeling CH smells revenge and will not let off the gas. Time will tell.
  2. Few things from last night. Improvements from last year…the oline…they looked good….great holes created…coach rio….i have always felt like he was a little to quite on the sidelines…last night i saw him come unglued several times at the defense and of course the refs..i liked it..brisbon at times last year looked lazy….he attitude and demeanor was spot on. The backup Rb #2 was impressive. Gilmer figured out they could run up the middle on us and we really could never stop it. Some adjustments need to be made and I’m sure they will. Coverage on kick off needs lot of improvements. All in all i feel like ch improved over off season. Fun times ahead.
  3. Sounds like a great game. Good job Kilgore against great Carthage team.
  4. Offense looked good. Oline looked good. Defense and special teams needs some work Good job CH. Gilmer is no slouch.
  5. Has Gilmer been called for one penalty yet?
  6. I only know of the JV. How’d the others go?
  7. I’d show them boys last years Boerne beat down. They will remember the feeling all too well. Come out on fire and make a statement week 1.
  8. CH JV 44 Gilmer JV 22 Game day….Let’s get it!
  9. The O-line for CH is looking real good. I’d like to see them control the line of scrimmage early with a good dose of Stewart and company on the ground. Build some confidence early then air it out. I’m ready to watch a stronger and faster Stewart. He’s definitely special. Gilmer is going to be Gilmer. Tough game for both teams. if we eliminate the turn overs i look for CH to have a good night. Should be fun.
  10. CH should have the horses to make another state run. Should be a fun season!
  11. I don’t know much about CS. Beorne is something special for sure. All phases of the game.
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