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  1. So you have a witness that could be bad for your case. He comes up dead days before his testimony. Not saying its foul play. I am saying it happens to often. Much like witnesses against Al Capone https://resistthemainstream.org/senate-sergeant-at-arms-who-was-in-charge-of-capitol-security-on-jan-6-dies-suddenly-hours-before-hearing/?utm_source=newsletter2
  2. But Constitution is base off Biblical origins- Founding Fathers believed it did not have to be said
  3. The problem I have with abortion is everyone gets a choice except the child being murdered. I would encourage you to watch an abortion. Watch the child run from the vacuum. Read about how the child can feel his body being torn apart. The difference between me and you is I believe it is murder and you do not. Finally the State of Texas does too
  4. Hitler had his people tested when they entered Highschool. These scores determined what they would be in life. Einstein flunked out of his school when he was young. Almost all of China's children test higher than ours. My opinion only - Schools need to go back to teaching and quit passing the kids through. Parents need to quit making excuses for them. Get involved and take away their Iphone or whatever other gadget they are playing with. Including Car
  5. I think you are missing the child did not have a choice to be conceived. That was made by the Mother and father. After that its not just the mother. She gave that up when she conceived another human being. She can be conceited and get lipo and breast enlargement. She can be lazy and eat everyday and not exercise. All choices including conceiving a child have consequences. You don't get mulligans in real life. I've been reading your post and you keep coming back to choice. Under this logic we need to let all serial killer back on the street. It was their choice right. In fact we need to let them all go. They all made a choice
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