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  1. Does anyone think Musk releasing the truth about old Twitter will make difference in the way people lean left. He seems to be taking a wrecking ball to left narrative
  2. Same to you and your family. Wife said I couldn’t hunt on Thanksgiving so I am home all day
  3. Will keep you and your family in my prayers
  4. Would you please explain how she is a multimillionaire being speaker of house
  5. Just following the money. Could add Larry Fink if you want
  6. https://ammo.com/articles/gun-control-guide-major-federal-acts How about we enforce the laws on the books first
  7. He did say he had assembled the best voter fraud coalition in history - so there that
  8. As Long as you don't try and force a pastor to perform ceremony if it is against his religious beliefs . I don't care. I get the legal reasons for it. Just remember with marriage comes divorce. Be careful what you wish for because half your stuff may be gone.
  9. Well at least come January, GOP will have power to call witnesses for investigations. Maybe they can get some truth out. Maybe some body cam footage. May not want to see that though. I'm guessing there is about 10% of population that will not want to hear it. You know the type, the put blinders on and cotton in their ears. Then yell Orange Man bad
  10. Saw this coming. To all of the 18-21 year old that voted blue for this reason only. You got played. Hahahaha
  11. Republican inner circle will push for Desantis. Dems will throw mud at Trump. His age will become a factor. Trump will not win nomination. Maga party will live on.
  12. Anyone heard that flu is hitting team. Heard several down with it. Including weigman
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