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  1. Wait until you have to pay a disposal fee for you battery. Going to be astronomical but no one ever mentions it
  2. Interpretation Most democrats want you to obey and give up freedom of choice most republicans believe in freedom of choice
  3. Just for the record I’m 50/50 European and Choctaw - Red stick Clan. you can all get off my land - lol
  4. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/horrible-fate-john-casor-180962352/ Good read from the smithsonian The argument CRT uses is Slavery was invented and used by white people. This is completely wrong. East India Company started in 1500. African tribes were raiding other tribes and selling slaves all over the world. Virginia was the first state legalize slavery in 1667. It allowed any free man regardless of nationality to become slave owners. It also put thousands of indentured servants regardless of nationality into slavery. This was six years after Mr. Casor lost his case in court. Many believe it was because of his court case. From there it did not take long for other states to follow. Again slavery was wrong but we have to teach it all
  5. East India Slave Trade existed 100 years before slavery in America. Before that all races including Africans were brought to United States as indentured servants. Africans were used because the source was already in existence. Slavery was wrong but to say Rich white dudes in 1697 said lets go enslave Africans because we dont like them is wrong as well This is my problem with CRT Teaching. They leave out a lot of the details because it would hurt their argument
  6. They are going to struggle with manpower
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