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  1. Whats the Union wage on an ice-cream maker or craft brewer compared to a steel worker or construction worker. If we go to war can these factories be converted for wartime use? Finally this article left out the very important barista jobs. Their double latte soy milk with a pinch of mint keeps these ice-cream workers and brewers going during their 6 hrs shifts
  2. I thought is was Abbot supports border security. The 2nd Amendment, Lower taxes and smaller goverment. While Beto supports what ever George Sorros and Larry Fink pay him to support
  3. Been reading articles this morning on A&M. I swear if Texas A&M won Natty headline would read After a bitter lose to App state, Texas A&M offense sputters its way to National Title To my Longhorn friends we feel your pain. Playing an inferior opponent - But you can't get them off the field - They control the clock and win by a field goal. We definitely can relate
  4. I bet he knows his chemistry
  5. I doubt that boy going to vote.
  6. My BOLD Predictions Aggies win 28 - 24. Johnson throws for over 250 yard. Stewart record his first 100 yd receiving game - Mostly YAC AP and Coaches Poll move Texas A&M to 22 or one below Texas even though Tech upsets them - LOL that one was a joke - Ya'll don't get your feathers ruffled
  7. 2028 after he serves 4 years as vice president. pretty obvious 2032 Don Jr. after he serves 8 years as vice president By the time he serves his 8 years - Mt Rushmore project will be finished to honor his father. You will be able to visit it when you retire
  8. Around the League yesterday ranked teams got beat. Pretty crazy day. If not for a very bad kick #1 would have went down to Texas as well.
  9. I'll eat crow - I supported King. Still do. Think he will be a good QB1.(May be somewhere else and we regret it ) That being said There were a few over throws to open receivers. Seemed he was more concerned about not throwing picks than making completion. King is going to be what he is at this stage of his career. You can have a gunslinger that throws interceptions or someone who is timid and takes the safe throw. I will take gunslinger anyday. I may be wrong but I dont think we went vertical all day. I wonder if was because of all the criticism of SMU game last week. - King was 13 for 20 for 97 yds. 65% completion rate With no interceptions and 1 fumble. Biggest elephant in room is defense App. State controlled the ball for 41 mins and 29mins to Texas A&M 18 mins 31 seconds. To their credit they pretty much were 3 yards and a cloud of dust and were almost perfect on 4th down. Offense got no rhythm because of it
  10. Dont think UT and Alabama going to be worth watching. App. State and Texas A.M. - Predicting King throws for over 300 Hundred and we get 100 yds Rushing out of Running Game. Question - Last year Bryce Young throws for 3 touchdowns and 358 yds with interception in loss to Texas A.M. - Wins Heisman Last week King throws for 356 yds 3 Touchdowns and 2 interceptions in win against SMU in his 3rd carrer start. - People call for his head FAIR?
  11. I'm down around 2000 over the summer in my portfolio
  12. I get audited every time one gets in office. Probably need to keep my opinion to myself on social media
  13. Tarlton kept their name - Their the better half of A&M
  14. Disagree - A&M's Offensive line is going to be stronger than given credit - Running game is going to be dominant. Hoping passing game is going to stretch field this year as well. Receiving corp has been banged up and they are healthy now. As well as adding WR1 this year. 10-2 is ground floor. 11-1 is achievable.
  15. I look at it this way. If King is not named starter he hits Transfer portal. Johnson does not have that ability with out sitting out a year now. If he is not named QB2 he is disgruntled and it could affect his brother. Doing it this way provides a Quality QB1 and a Quality QB2. Weigman will redshirt until he learne playbook. Which is what I have learned he is lacking. Still think that if they lose a game before Alabama game, Weigman will take over
  16. If you are going to raid people's houses for Tax enforcement. Why would you not want sniper back up That is actually a quote from Putin
  17. https://realrawnews.com/2022/08/irs-to-open-sniper-school/ Sniper School anyone
  18. I wrote John Corwyn and Mitch McConnel after his Gun Bill . Told them both I would never vote republican again until I could cast a vote against Corwyn. I also wrote John Corwyn when he voted to impeach President Trump. Wote back and told me he was proud of his vote
  19. Dem's know he can not win in Texas, But he does get a lot of airtime because he ran for President. Soro's gives the monkey money and the monkey dances on primetime with Dem talking points
  20. it will be a rallying cry for the 2022 and 2024 elections. Thanks to your idiot leaders. Pelosi and Schumer will retire after next July and take all your tax money with them. the 25th will be used on the paper president. Kamala will be impeached. The Republican Speaker of house will be President. He will immediately revoke Bidens executive orders.
  21. and people think we are not in a Cival War
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