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  1. The key to the game for Crockett is the mental aspect. If they go in with a great attitude and focused they can play with anybody and everybody right now. If they are not focused it will be a hard battle to stay up with an awesome Franklin team. Rumor is the Franklin coach wanted Madisonville for this one, not sure why. Groesbeck was a great place but we have won there twice already this year so that may have played into it. If you like good football this should be a good one. I am stuck on this idea, that if we play just like we did against Newton we should come out on top, yes I know we lost, but still say we have to be in that type of focus!
  2. Crockett and Franklin Friday - 7:30pm Madisonville High School
  3. Oh also heard that Jarrell had 35 points off of turnovers.
  4. If Crockett can stop the QB, he is about 90% of their offense. If our receivers will catch the ball we could get by their secondary. A lot of ifs...this kind of game scares me. I hope there is a better officiating crew this week. We have to play all the rest of our games just like we did against Newton!!!!!!
  5. Crockett has one of the better coaches that they have had in awhile. They have talent. I will have to wait and see how it all comes together, but will say we make the playoffs again this year.
  6. Game is Tuesday night 7:30pm @ Sam Houston State in Huntsvilleaccording Crockett website
  7. Will be a great game. This has been a battle since both were in 3A several years ago. Would call it a toss up. Totally depends on which teams show.
  8. Sabine school website does say 6:30pm for their game.
  9. Does anyone know the scores from last night.
  10. Don't know a thing about Hempstead, but the team I watched last night wins this game! could be close or blow out but Eagles have this one and on their way to Arlington! Go Big Blue! (2 times only, this week and next week - Go Big Green!)
  11. Hats off to the Tatum Eagles great game you never give up and truly hope you carry this win all the way to Arlington! What do you say about the Bulldogs...I have watched Crockett Bulldog teams for many years and when they get down in the score they give up, but these kids never gave up all the way to the end. In the clutch they did what they had to. What a throw and catch that got us down to make the last score! the "D" was awesome and the "O" did what they have done all year. Very proud of two of the greatest teams I have ever watched. These Bulldogs remind of the 1990 Bulldogs that went to the state championship game, this is the only other team besides them to make it this far in the playoffs! I just wish that we had some of those coaches back last night and we would have gone for 2, not saying would have made the 2 but go for the win and don't play for overtime, I would not want to give Tatum another chance with ball. Great Respect for the Tatum Eagles, their players, coachs, and fans!!! Great respect and love the Bulldogs, ready for round ball now, ok not really but will be in a week or two. Go Big Blue! We ARE PROUD of you!!!!!
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