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  1. Yeah they'll be in the mix. There scrappy. Running back was a freshman. Should be a fun district again next year
  2. Majority of the team will be back next year. We lose our QB but most GS fans would agree with the kid coming in who is a freshman right now. There won't be any drop off. I think he's better than the starter this year.
  3. I just know Edgewood lost in the championship to commerce
  4. Glad to hear. This team is full of freshman and sophomores. Not many key contributors graduating. Hopefully GS football will be back on the rise
  5. The boys earned there right to be there just like newton. It'll be a great learning experience for the indians. To play a state championship team. Most of the Indians are freshman and sophomores. Starting running back is a freshman. It'll be a blow out but a lot of lessons will be learned in this game. good luck to both teams. Stay injury free!
  6. Will there be a link to watch the game or listen to it today?
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