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  1. Congratulations to Coach Milton. He is a great guy and will work to benefit all sports and all kids at Rivercrest.
  2. Rumor has it he would also handle the basketball program in addition to AD/HFC... Mike Thomas is in consideration for his OC!
  3. That timeline is fairly standard for hiring superintendents. Maybe some of you interpreted that as the timeline for the AD job?
  4. Yep. I heard that as well. Don’t have a name though.
  5. Whitehouse is dazed and confused. THigh is unstoppable tonight and their defense is incredible.
  6. I’ve seen a few that don’t bother to nominate that could have. There’s literally no way you can judge one way or the other in this case without knowing if any were nominated. I agree with your last statement though.
  7. If the coach at Tatum didn’t nominate the kids, there wouldn’t be any. So without knowing if any Tatum kids were nominated this stat means nothing.
  8. I know Rio Grande City has, and there are others I’ve seen but can’t quite remember. Certainly TEA would need to be consulted but with local control I doubt their approval would actually be needed. I agree that we will likely not return to school this year.
  9. Gonna be hard to restart competition when so many districts statewide have already announced they are closed for the school year...
  10. My dark horse is McLeod. Those guys are on a roll and dethroned the great Clarksville Tigers in district this season. Coach Lambeth is as good as they come. Hoping they can keep going.
  11. From all the dealings I’ve had with Weddle he’s a good dude. I’d think he would do what’s right for all sports.
  12. I could see him wanting to get out of there. From what I’ve seen there are many in that community down by the coast (my hometown) who are stuck in the 80s and 90s and have some pretty unrealistic expectations for football with the kids that are going through there right now. Realignment was not kind to them once again (opted up a division to avoid some nasty travel times) so next two years will likely be tough as well.
  13. I’ll see your Carr at Tatum, and raise you a Carr at Sabine...
  14. Regardless there is still a transfer application required. You can’t just live south of I-30 and show up at PG one day without a form. Whether you can play or not. However, you CAN live between Moore’s Lane and I-30 and be in PGs zone of attendance.
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