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  1. Unless the coach something besides football. I’ve had weeks where I’ve driven Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday to out of town games.
  2. That was my first thought too…
  3. Rivercrest takes Game 2, 6-2. Game 3 Saturday.
  4. Maud run rules Rivercrest in Game 1, 14-4. Game 2 to start shortly.
  5. I am at a small 2A. Coach four sports (2 at one time in the fall) Teach 3 grade levels. Senior sponsor. Haven’t coached football in awhile but I literally have coached XC at the same time as football or volleyball for almost my entire career at more than one school. It can be rough but I need to hang in 3 more years till my youngest graduates. I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for the big school guys doing 1 or 2 sports and maybe teaching 1 subject. In the fall my day starts before 6 and I leave school whenever my kid gets out of football so probably 8:00 pm. I encourage people to take it easy and understand that different jobs require different hours/commitments. With that said, you can never convince me that hiring part time contract guys will work here in Texas. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from every other state.
  6. This is a problem in some places for sure. In the small school you gotta share kids. My own son ran XC, played football (JV), marched on Friday nights, played basketball, and ran track. Likely to run it back again next year as a sophomore. It’s all his choice. But if he gets to the point where he doesn’t want to do one of those, it’s still his choice (except for XC since Dad is the coach!). We share kids with Band, Ag, Theater, Student Council, UIL Academics, etc.
  7. Seems like that’s what they had in Coach Stone?
  8. All I know about Sabine is that they have one of the best basketball coaches around!
  9. And this is 2A D2 where some of these schools struggle to have enough kids and go through cycles. It is not warm and fuzzy to just not act idiotic and call kids who you don’t know trash. That is not the purpose of this site. Go somewhere else’s forum if you want to call kids trash.
  10. Maybe Clint? Not sure where he’s at now last I heard was Tolar.
  11. Maud looks to have been smiled upon by the realignment gods!!!
  12. The staff can only deal with “discipline” as the head man allows. It is impractical to completely disintegrate an entire coaching staff. Are you talking about every sport boys and girls or just football. There are guys on the staff who are tremendous coaches. Let the new guy come in and evaluate but to arbitrarily say to get rid of every last one is a bit of a stretch.
  13. Maud, L-K, and James Bowie could be in this mix depending if they send us back west again or south. Seems like every other alignment we end up in a southern district but you never know. With Alto and Carlisle both down it’s a toss up if you ask me.
  14. As one who coached football I tend to watch games with a more critical eye and don’t really cheer. I applaud good plays our guys make but I’m not the type to cheer in the stands. I used to get after it on the sidelines back in the day!
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