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  1. Curious as well... maybe he was promised AD job and got passed over? Either way, whoever new guy is will have a major challenge.
  2. Robinson was HC at Eastern Hills and FW Poly - 2 schools not known for their football and he still won a few games. Having championship experience as an assistant at Denton Guyer and Desoto must not count for much though.
  3. Saw it reported this morning that former Carrolton Creekview HC Jay Cline will be the new AD at NL.
  4. Maybe I’m wrong but source is very reliable
  5. Not the one I’ve been told. Unless my source is wrong
  6. Hearing a former Bulldog for this one.
  7. Playing out exactly as I thought. Canyon nowhere as good as Paris/LaVega. 28-0 Argyle early 2nd
  8. Canyon isn’t near as good as Paris or LaVega... Argyle by 42+
  9. Was that district all that soft? Bells was a 3rd round team, Blue Ridge went 2nd round and Whitewright gave Harmony all they could handle as the 4 seed. I’d say it was stronger than people wanted to give it credit for.
  10. Heard from someone that Prairiland played well against Maud. Said it was 4-2 Prairiland as far as scores were concerned. Now with that. I wasn’t there so can’t verify.
  11. Flanker, you sure like to go out of your way to run down the Paris coaches. I know several of those guys and they KNOW football and are great coaches. Of course, you can run them down on here but wouldn’t have the guts to say anything about them to their faces.
  12. I'm just saying this as an outsider but if you know so much as to what Paris should be running, how about you give up your Saturdays and Sundays and go up and share with them all of your wonderful football knowledge while they build their gameplan. However, I'm just betting, that Coach Hohenberger and his staff have a much better idea as to what scheme they need to be running as opposed to someone who has little to no coaching experience.
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