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  1. The Crosby offensive scheme reminds us a lot of the Pine Tree offense. Accuracy of QB throwing the ball with excellent running skills. Quick scoring & coupled with high Scoring team. Good scheme when offensive line can provide at minimum about 3 sec of protection to the QB to make the progressions. Question will be for Crosby can o-line provide needed protection and time for QB to make his progressions. QB seem to be a pocket passer. QB (#1) throws most of passes to RB (#4) out of the backfield. T-High squad strength is the very fast defensive line and linebacking
  2. The Crosby offensive scheme reminds us of the Pine Tree offense. Accuracy of QB throwing ball & good running skills. High & fast Scoring team. Good scheme when offensive line can provide at minimum about 3 sec of protection. Question will be for Crosby can o-line provide protection and time for QB. QB (#1) throws most of passes to RB (#4) out of the backfield.
  3. If T-High gets the ground game geared up to control the clock and open up the passing lanes it will more than likely be a long night for Cosby. T-High needs the (# 2) first stringer Running back to return to the offensive lineup to get the run game going. Cosby does have one or two good wide outs and a QB that can move ball down field. We don't see Cosby moving the ball on the ground against T-High defense. T-High needs to make Cosby throw the ball to win the game. T-High will have the best defensive line & defensive backfield Cosby has seen this season. IMHO think T
  4. Congratulations to Pine Tree FB squad. PT has a lot of fight in the FB squad. The road to top of mountain gets bumpy each week. Victory is fleeing. Good luck to PT moving forward.
  5. Just a guess on our part but a 4 hour bus ride for the AMC squad will take a little edge off of team. Being at home will give PT a small advantage. PT needs to go up top early (both in score and air it our).
  6. Wishing & Hope that Nac can come away with win but Huntsville looks real good in the livestream games we have watched. Defensive Line & LB crew looks awful good. If Nac can somehow throw over this bunch they may have a chance.
  7. Pine Tree will need to play a mistake free game to stay in the playoffs. Pine Tree Defense will have to make at least 5 or 6 defensive stops of AMC offense to win.
  8. Whitehouse will need all the beans & cornbread they have to come out the winner of this game.
  9. As we have stated before no 4A div 1 or div 2 will be able to compete with Carthage this year. IMHO you would have to move up to 5A div schools to have a squad which can compete with Carthage. After saying that I will say this; the Caddo Mills squad with put up a good game. Carthage has to much depth in their squad. Good luck to both squads. It will be a good game to watch.
  10. T-High playing for outright District Championship. Whitehouse playing for Co-Championship with T-High and Pine Tree if PT wins Friday Night. Should be a good game. Edge to T-High since playing the game on home field with home fans. Good luck to both Teams. This is the type of game high school football fans dream about last game for all the marbles.
  11. IMHO no class 4A1 or 4A2 div high school can complete with Carthage this year. You would have to go up in class to 5A1 or 5A2 schools to play with Carthage this year. Carthage could easy complete at 5A2 level this year.
  12. This year PG squad is a run oriented unit. The team is very good with this run game they don't make many mistakes (4 yards and cloud of dust). They eat up game clock with the run game which keep ball out of the offense hands. PG scores on 50% to 60% of their possessions. PG three losses this year have come against state ranked 4AII schools (Argyle 52-41 - Carthage 35-7 - Gilmer 31-28). Two of PG Div 1 commit's were not playing in these games. PG defense is best against the run, PG may be little weaker against the passing attack of Caddo Mills. For CM to win the the game they wil
  13. Being the heavy favorite could work against T-High, it will be job of coaching staff to keep T-High young men emotions at a high level. Nac can use this contest to gauge their team for a playoff run if they can come out of game with win and no injuries. Expect T-High to be up 3-4 TD's by halftime and use second half of game to develop game talent and speed with backup players (working on next years squad). Good luck to both teams.
  14. MP offense can move the ball thru the air. Marshall offense is hit and miss with a very weak offensive front line. Marshall can't move the ball thru the air at all they can move ball on ground but are limited by offensive line. MP defense is avg against the run/pass. IMHO the scales tip to MP in this match-up by less than a touchdown score.
  15. Pine Tree defense is weak against a balanced run/pass type game. If Whitehouse can make at least 3 to 4 defensive stops in the game they should have a better than even chance of winning the game.
  16. If Whitehouse looks at game film of (T-High vs Pine Tree) game it will become evident of Pine Tree weakness. QB was kept on the move for the first half of the T-High game and roughed up near half time. 1st string QB will be a question mark for Whitehouse game. Backup QB played most of second half of T-High game and did not throw the ball very much this limits Pine Tree offense a lot. IMHO Whitehouse takes this game by a good margin.
  17. Two very good football teams, should be a very competitive game. Breaking down the game to the base elements. Team Offenses --- IMHO will call this even match up Team Defenses --- IMHO will call this side of the ball to T-High (PT will have no answer for T-High's speed at DE) Team Special Team --- Even Team Coaching --- Even IMHO game should go T-High way on the strength of the Defense (T-High will get 10 possessions and score on 6) (PT will get 8 possessions and score on 3) T-High 42 Pine Tree 21 Go luck to both team safe travels and enjoy contest
  18. Watched all livestream games of T-High. Watched the last two games of Marshall with Jax & Pine Tree. We don't see Marshall's current defense stopping the speed of T-High's Def Ends (10 & 41 both Div 1 athletes). The T-High DE tend to come at the offense from the outside with a very fast bull rush. Unless you offense tackles & end can move with the speed to stop this defense you QB will be having to move out of the pocket. From the Marshall last two games QB is not necessary a option type passer. If Marshall wants to stay with passing game keep the route short and fast
  19. Looking forward to this contest between T-High and Marshall. Should be a fair evenly matched clubs going at each other. This will be the first time in the last two games that T-High will get to play on a decent field conditions. The last two game T-High play in terrible field conditions which as we all know is a disadvantage for both clubs. If memory serves me correctly the current Marshall QB played quite a lot in T-High vs Marshall game last year in Texarkana. He showed that he can be very good if given the time to throw the ball. T-High might have to go with their gound game to
  20. The old swinging gate is a good trick play for use only once during the season. We had one Louisiana high School which used really wierd down lineman formations to run trick plays, which if your defense team is not prepared will give a team problems.
  21. I was able to observe the John Tyler vs T-High game earlier this season and was impressed with the overall talent on the John Tyler squad. I figure there will be anywhere from 10 to 12 maybe more Division 1 prospects on this squad. Team speed on both sides of the ball.
  22. As of this note the weather forecast for Friday night game between T-High and SS says 70% chance of rain with gusty winds. Not sure which team will benefit from those conditions but we feel T-High can bunch-up or spread out and play the game under those conditions and not be disadvantaged to a great degree. Let give SS the check for home field and T-High a check for field condition. Should be a good game even if it is played in the rain and mud of Hopkins County.
  23. SS's defense looked inadequate against LV offense, SS's offense looked ineffective against LV defense. It you have to gauge the T-High vs SS game by how they played a common opponent of LV one would give a slight edge to T-High More than likey T-High will use the clock burning ground game to control both the game and SS offense air game, this game plan worked for LV and it should work for T-High against SS also.
  24. Longview probably has the best offensive 4A team in the state at this point in the season but the Longview defensive side of the ball will need some help to get to the championship game in 4A. If Longview runs their power dives and power slants and mix in the QB options all night against SS they will win the game. Longview didn't look to polished at throwing the ball against T-High. If Longview get into trouble moving the ball they will put the game in the QB's hands and he is very good open field runner. I see the game going down with LV have 7 possessions and scoring on 6 of them. SS w
  25. I was suprised T-High was close enough in the fourth quarter to win the ball game. Longview probably has the best offensive 4A team in the state at this point in the season but the Longview defensive side of the ball will need some help to get to the championship game in 4A. Maybe Coach King might want to evaluate some of the skill offensive players going both ways down the road to improve the defensive play.
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