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  1. I would say the largest lack of sportsmanship isn't among the athletes and coaches. It is actually among the fans. The posts here pretty much prove my point. What is truly out of hand is the expectation of "fairness" among the fans. Sometimes big wins happen as well as big losses, and you can't have one without the other.
  2. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? A team has a really good game and people have a major problem with it. It is not as if these teams do this over and over again. I have seen teams come back from 60 point deficits and more to win games. So have the coaches and the players, so they simply do not want the team to catch up and beat them which happens often in basketball.
  3. I'm hoping to get to see them in the playoffs.
  4. Davis is really good, but the best? Nah. I hope he does well in college, and maybe goes farther. College will show what he is made of.
  5. There is a consolidated team in Iowa called the Gladbrook/Reindbeck Rebels... yeah, think about that a minute... I have seen two different descriptions for a Wampus Cat, actually. One would be a six-legged big cat. the other would be a half mountain lion and half alligator concoction that I saw stuffed at a bait store outside camp Cherokee when I was a kid. When I was a kid, my dad and grandpa used to scare the #### out of me with the gater/puma thing.
  6. Frankly, I've been laughing my butt off at this thread. It isn't that TDB isn't responding out of fear. He's being quiet to drive you all ####. How come it is that when I stir the pot, #### always pop out, Frank? Can you tell me that? WHY?
  7. Makes the whole farce of Independent School Districts more clear, doesn't it? Gotta love socialism.
  8. One thing more pathetic than a poor loser, is someone who loves to gloat on accomplishments that aren't even their own, especially at the expense of someone else.
  9. Justin Ferrell will not be returning to the field for Tatum next year. He dropped out of school before the football season was even over this year. The kid had scouts from all over the country looking at him as a lineman, too. He may have had the most promising future out of anyone at Tatum. If you ever saw him, you would know how true that is.
  10. Still, I'm gonna have a hard time figuring out which side to sit on. All I know is my fiance is going to be on the Yoe side. So I may have to just cheer for ya'll. Darn it all. I'm stuck.. haha I AM going to have to cheer for Yoe.
  11. Yoe had a good game-plan that night. You know as well as I do, that the critical turning point could have gone either way in that game. Can Yoe put one as good together against Daingerfield? You can't count on Daingerfield coming out flat and having an off night, though. Frankly, if either team comes out flat or overconfident, it is over for them. Too much talent on either side. Not even sure who I want to go for in this game. Yoe has a future in-law coaching for them (lets just say I'm catching all sorts of flack come Christmas), but Daingerfield is closer to home. I say it will be similar to the Tatum/Yoe game in a nail-biter that hits a critical point where one team just gets that critical play, builds a head of steam, and takes the game. No way I can even pick the winner of this one.
  12. Being a fan of both schools, I'll say GIG EM HORNS! and HOOK EM AGGIES! hehe I look forward to aTm having a great run over the next few years. They have done some good recruiting. As for U.T. they have too many recruits. Hey, when the best guys for the positions are redshirted simply because they are freshmen and there isn't even time to see them try out for a position, something is wrong in the program. I don't care how good a coach is, when you over-recruit, you are hurting your team. Edmond should simply do what is best for him. I know we are talking football, but his choice in education may be the deciding factor,or has anyone even considered that more important aspect?
  13. Do you mean analysis? Analization just sounds dirty.
  14. My thought on this game: Cameron came prepared. They had the headhunters. They pulled more guys to block for their quarterback. Those coaches did their homework. Now, on to what happened: It boils down to this... ... three touchdown passes were dropped by a young man who rarely drops a pass. Our backs thought they would see a hole and not run through the one that was made for them, and Yoe's defense had the headhunters out there watching for 15 and 13 all night. And then there was the fumble that changed the whole momentum of the game. Yeah, the officiating was #### for both sides, but it didn't make any difference in these mistakes by Tatum. Yoe capitalized on them and won. Three passes and a gameplan changed everything. Completely. That is the way the game goes. I am proud of tatum, but it wasn't their night to win. Tatum, for the first time in the season, faced a team that does not let mistakes like thse go unpunished. Great game. Good luck, Cameron. Vista may be your biggest challenge yet. I was worried about them, now they are your worry. That #35 is a play-killer. He'll chew your linemen up and spit em out. Daingerfield is going to have their hands completely full with whichever team they face. You Daingerfield boys have another game to get through. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Learn a lesson from this one.
  15. Look up humility, then look up hypocrite. Have a nice day. Baseball is for sissies. :updown:
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