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  1. Greetings and Salutations SPORTS FANS. I didn't get to attend Saturday's game but I THOUGHT I would have 3 choices on listening to the game. As someone said earlier, Homers, BIG HOMERS, or IDIOTS. Well I tried HOMERS first, you could barely hear Larry Allen in the booth, sounded like they were 30 yards away from the microphone. Then it went COMPLETLY OUT so that left me having to choose between GILMER broadcast or Gilmer-Lover Broadcast on 105.7. Tried Gilmer broadcast a bit since I was already on the internet until I couldn't stand it anymore and reluctantly went out to my pickup and tun
  2. WOW, you almost nailed in on the head CRAWFORD
  3. Funny as heck, listened to second half of game on KYKX and ole Porkskin Bob and other character are freaking morons aren't they?? Dudes got Gilmer bucknuts so far up their rectum He couldn't resist saying "AND GILMER WINS 55-37!" as they ended their program. Looks like the Buckeyes got a blackeye. Way to fight DAWGS. Coach Surratt, classy as always. Showing the Upshur Rurals how to be classy but it won't help In the long run. You should have just punched it in.
  4. Yeah, that's they way they spell REDNECK in Center. You know they lead the state with unsolved murder cases too? Because they are NO DENTAL records and everyone has the same DNA!!
  5. Don't you mean looking for your second cousin in the cornfield? We know you CENTER guys like donkeys too. You know what you get when you spell CENTER backwards right?? R-E-T-N-E-C
  6. Waco La Vega 32 Carthage 3 last I heard. Going to concentrate on my brisket now. May the Football gods be with you DAWGS.
  7. Yep. Great season DAWGS. But you got a tiger by the tail on this one. These boys are good!!! And the reason why no respectable OC wants to go to Texas. These should be TEXAS commits.
  8. I'm afraid La Vega has the better talent tonight. Let's hope Surratt can find a way to slow them down and get some points on the board at least.
  9. ACTUALLY, most of this was NOT shot in the town of Carthage. Most of it was shot in or around Bastrop, Texas. But there are a lot of cut-to scenes that are of Carthage. When Jack Black is seen in the first of the film driving and singing he is actually going through a strip of Bastrop on highway 21 that burned during the drought of 2009 I think it was. The Welcome to Carthage sign he goes by was PLANTED there for the film. Very good movie and very true to what actually occurred as well for the most part. I didn't know Bernie Tiede personally because I was a member of the Methodist Church
  10. Because Smoaky wanted to advertise that the show is going to be on the air and he made a new thread.
  11. Well after just taking a look at Celina's schedule it looks to me as though the toughest team Celina has faced was Monohans and Monohans didn't really have that tough of a schedule other than Argyle...Snyder>>>>? So I think this game is a toss-up now.
  12. Now I'll buy that one. L.E. appeared to have a real good team this year. Good luck Buckeyes!! However, I know you guys lost your Head 'Mechanic' this year and once you lose him the bolts start rattling eventually.
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