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  1. That is a referee in the Tyler Chapter. He played college ball at the University of Pitt.
  2. https://www.uiltexas.org/athletics/junior-high/junior-high-baseball
  3. <br/><br/><br/> Jasper 27 Center 21 Final
  4. Been told suddenlink is airing the game! Idk I have dish!
  5. Wow that's a big loss to the C-Hill program.
  6. Is Robey officially gone, I have yet to find any of this in the news.
  7. Evadale takes game two 14 -1. Game 3 on tap.
  8. Who wins between Mt. Enterprise and Alto and do you see it going 3 games?
  9. Wow looks like he has a press pass, I wonder who he's working for...
  10. Is Smoak at this game, my buddy swears that's him behind the plate kinda over towards the right in a gray hoody.
  11. What was wrong with it? Normally its one of the nicest playing surfaces around.
  12. No doubt, no matter what your opinion of Mixon is, he is one hell of a baseball coach. There's a reason he has a state ring...
  13. To give you an idea of the shortage of umpires there will 2 first year guys calling a varsity game Friday. I won't give you the site due to respect for them and not wanting to give fans or coaches something to chew on.
  14. Decent size, very athletic; teams that have tried to run the ball haven't had much success except for Carthage. So this game will come down to how well Jasper contains Tucker. One thing worth noting about Carthage's running game is that they have arguably the best offensive line in 3A.
  15. Does anyone know who the "home" team between Jasper & CHill is?
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