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  1. It's been the same in mart since 2017. Why drive all the way to a game to sit down. Cheer these kids on.
  2. East texas 2a. Yall have to play defense 1st. Dont matter how much speed you have if you dont play defense. Same story every year.
  3. Shiner fullback/ half back is 6'0 245, fast and a athlete along with 22 and others. If you dont win the at the line of scrimmage you lose.
  4. Hope you are right about giving mart all they want. If not this game will get ugly fast.
  5. Probably by 3. That team went to state and wasnt that good but had great coaching and a field goal kicker. The fastest team didn't win.
  6. Tweet and i will be there. Win another panthers. Got it. Afgwt
  7. yes sir. muenster next week. cant get beat by falls city like you say if we don't take care of muenster first.
  8. yall won that preseason game. I had to go watch all the preseason games again and watched what coach was doing. different offensive lineman group each week. he didnt care I'd he won or lost. he was getting the best combination. of blockers for the long haul. then we had big 72 from coriscana come in before district and another one. had nothing to do with depth. yall beat us and made us great. thanks to big schools Lexington and Franklin the past to years for that. we are going for a 3 peat.
  9. defense is all about discipline, attitude and beating the man infront of you. mart offense looked like yalls against Franklin in preseason but our defense was awesome. off season should be all about defense and offensive line play.
  10. the topic was nobody is beating mart or newton. I tell you one thing mart is not scared to play anybody. anyways good luck to newton and mart. let's both win it back to back
  11. http://www.hudl.com/v/2Awdv7
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