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  1. I just became a Garrison fan! his Dad just hired at Cueto.
  2. I was referring to mainly southeast area . if you knew anything about setx area you'd know it's not arrogant.
  3. after last year its going to be hard to find 4a or 5a wanting that L to a 3d2
  4. can I borrow one of those towels? well deserved win. Outcoached in every aspect. good luck the rest of the way!
  5. people stop arguing with him. He has ETD. He can't help it.
  6. truth! losing is only going to make it worse for 3AIi. Eagles are angry now.
  7. no that has been Neece style of calling even in kville. Itll be the same in Anahuac. Looks like the new OC is going to bring it back to the run with very little pass threat.
  8. congrats Gilmer as advertised. D is for real. Good Luck this season. Look forward to seeing well you do.
  9. Banshee your impressive. Did you let the coaches know your wisdom? not sure why they are even still playing
  10. Newton strugglin on Offense. Gilmer D is as advertised so far. Newton is a second half team so well see if they can get something going
  11. hes just trying to get in as many words today as he can. This time tomorrow and rest of the weekend hes going to be hard to find.
  12. I disagree. Newton isn't as strong at QB as last year but overall I think they are a better team.
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