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  1. Is Hitchcock that good? Don’t know much about them. What is their strength? I see they lost to Bullard and Center so they are not world beaters.
  2. Show us where this is a requirement. You have a few people wound up. I don’t think that is a requirement.
  3. What “real” story? Fill us in.
  4. No rumors. Wells is going back to the Houston area because his wife took a job they can’t refuse. He is retirement eligible but will continue to work. Great job Coach and good luck to you and your family.
  5. Ha, what world are you living in. Boards nowadays try to run school districts and hire and fire. LOL. You are correct that boards SHOULD answer the Supts recommendations.
  6. Glad they put that on the board with a dry erase marker.
  7. I don’t see CC Calallen on the board and I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet they are a top 10 team. They just have the good luck of being with Sinton losing the last 2 regional finals to them.
  8. Well when the Tigers are 3-10 they don’t attract a lot of attention and the Tyler folks ain’t traveling that far to watch. Home stands not crowded either.
  9. Has anyone heard what the punishments will be for the bench clearing brawl that happened last Friday night between JT & Texas High? I know the game was canceled in the 1st qtr and heard both teams didn’t play tonight. Does that mean they both take 2 losses in district play?
  10. Agree on the injuries but not so much on anything else.
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