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  1. To whom much is given, much is required! Today’s professional athletes need to realize it!
  2. The Stangs will be much better this Fall. I see them meeting up with Carthage and then Carthage sending them home.
  3. I will say the same thing I said about the RB going to UT. Ohio St probably told him to sit out.
  4. Who will be the trigger man for the Eagles this year?
  5. I bet there will be some adjustments as we near the season. Keep an eye the Olympics and what happens there. If they make it through with no cancellations football might make it.
  6. Desoto is sure not in the same league as North Shore, SL, LT, Carthage, Katy and Aledo. I will tune in for an episode to see what all he fuss is about. LOL
  7. Just curious, what is Surratt’s % at Carthage? Total wins and losses. Need a Carthage fanatic to do the research.
  8. Congrats to the winners in all classifications. It takes a lot of success for a district to take this honor.
  9. Texas has a great class coming in so mixed with what’s returning they will be a factor next season.
  10. Cmon Horns, I personally do not want an all SEC final. Just terrible for for NC State. They had a legitimate chance to win it. I really like seeing all conferences represented in the World Series. Below are the past 7 years winners and conferences represented. 2021 - Big 12, SEC, PAC 12, ACC. Winner ? 2020 - canceled 2019 - Big 12, SEC, PAC 12, Big 10, ACC Winner Vanderbilt 2018 - Big 12, PAC 12, SEC, ACC. Winner Oregon St. 2017 - PAC 12, SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big West. Winner Florida 2016 - ACC, Big 12, PAC 12, SEC, Big West, Sun Belt.
  11. Agree, the hottest team got some rough news. Hopefully they can regroup and be back at it tomorrow at somewhat full strength.
  12. Welcome to the U OWE ME SOCIETY Paying for the FREE education and other perks just wasn’t enough. I get the $ made is billions and I blame the NCAA for letting it get out of control.
  13. Vandy with a HUGE win in the bottom of the 9th last night. NC State and Miss St. sitting pretty. Horns and Virginia will start extremely late tonight due to weather delay.
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