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  1. MP will put a few athletes on the field. It’s not like they don’t have any.
  2. I’m not really “close” to the program but I’m very familiar with the offense they will be running and it has zero to do with a “dual” threat QB. Tatum will not be in the spread. Go watch some Waskom hudl and watch the machine roll. The QB is a leader and decision maker that matters a lot in the O.
  3. BUT inherited a QB and O lineman that will mix in well with the speed that is there.
  4. Better put the Tatum Eagles in there. They are going to be much better. I’m puttin them at about #12 to start the season.
  5. Agree, Pitt lost a lot and playing game 1 against MP is definitely going to test the trenches. MP 34 Pitt 14
  6. With Cole Tatum will be extremely good with no offensive issues. Watch out for Tatum.
  7. 1. Who cares 2. Never happen 3. Who cares 4. Better happen
  8. Sinton beat a good Celina team 9-0 in the first 4A semi final.
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