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  1. Well looks like that new offense was tough on the Bulldogs. Congratulations on a good year PG and roll Dawgs roll.
  2. China Springs by a bunch. Anna barely beat Aubrey
  3. PG now runs the SPREAD with lots of boots and SOP’s. I bet Carthage has never seen that Surratt & Preston better start researching this thing
  4. Oh Silsbee is definitely East Texas. Just a little South EAST. Go Tigers!
  5. Very good TE, DE not so much!
  6. Oh, it was that close to the goal line? Wow. Then that even lowers the odds of Gilmer driving. LOL. Thanks
  7. Right! Gilmer would have had to go 75 to tie the game if the pick would have stood. Gilmers only pts came off a deep ball that was completed only 1 time all night. Cmon man.
  8. Not today by Aubrey, maybe next week.
  9. Did I miss the location? Where are they playing this one?
  10. Stop it please! Everyone knew this outcome before the kickoff.
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