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  1. I think this matchup has changed again. Can someone get the new info out on this series?
  2. How in the world does this record get the Hendo head job. Wow Good luck!
  3. It will probably have a lighter color fill, a light blue or light color of some kind rather than black. I have seen a couple of fields like this and you cannot tell a difference in the fill color. Pretty neat and does stay a little cooler in hot weather. Good for Joaquin
  4. PG beat NL and LE beat Paris tonight. LE wins district and PG is 2nd.
  5. I completely forgot about Gilmer.LOL. Yes they will be in.
  6. Bullard vs Paris, SH vs. NL, Kilgore vs. PG, Lindale vs. LE if standings end like this. So you think Paris and NL can win? Don’t think so! Kilgore will give PG all they want. May go 2-2 if 15 gets a little luck on their side. Time will tell. I’m a 15 fan but just don’t see them going 3-1 vs. 16.
  7. Right on it! It’s not about the X’s and O’s, it’s about those Jimmy’s and Joe’s.
  8. I knew he would not survive long at Pewitt. At one point he was applying all over the state.
  9. Pitt will be an immediate problem for this district.now that a change was made. Pitt will be in the hunt for the next several years.
  10. PG beat Gilmer 15-5 while LE lost to NL 6-3. This opens the door for PG to get the 1 seed. Both now have 2 district losses.
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