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  1. The Soph class is nothing like this Sr. Class as Sophs. All the hype in the world was put on this class.
  2. Not bent at all. Just want people to stop getting on here spreading “fake news”. We get enough of that everyday with our news media.
  3. Nice try, Wheeler is a Commerce commit and Phillips has a Ouchita and or Hardin Simmons offer I am assuming. This is coming from a twitter guy C. Yates. Now we are back to 4, maybe 5 if Boardley is included. OSU is not an option so take that off the table. That is still not 8.
  4. I don’t see Hooks, Atlanta or Jefferson HC’s applying. I do think some area coordinators will apply. BN back to Texarkana, don’t think that is a possibility.
  5. No they don’t. A post just named (Johnson Ark, McFadden Duke, Hackleman OK St. Jackson ?). That is 4, not 8. Name the others please? Don’t say Boardley, he didn’t de-commit, we all know why they withdrew the offer.
  6. Good question, what is that about? Also, allowing the players to scream and curse at the Carthage players after the warm ups as they ran off of the field. I also witnessed a PG player following an official cursing at him as they left the field. Unbelievable! PG used to be full of class but this group has lost that.
  7. +1000. PG was going to live and die running and scrambling with #2 which worked out until Preston and Surratt made it to half and had enough. #2 fumbling and Carthage taking advantage was huge. The 2nd half was dominated by Carthage.
  8. You are 100% correct. Carthage may be talented when they are Jr’s. & Sr’s. but today they are not nearly as talented as the teams that have the 9 titles. They can be, just not yet.
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