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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for getting that straight for me.
  2. Your right Eagle8. I was reading the Marshall opening and moved to this topic. LOL. Assumed guru was stating Gibson would leave to go to Marshall. Thanks for the help!
  3. Extremely big shoes to fill. He has been there so he know the WOS way. Time will tell
  4. Sinton and CC Cal are the 2 best teams by far…..BUT if the Rusk kid (Vandy commit) is on the hill he is capable of beating them like he did in Austin last year. PG and LE should both do well in the region.
  5. So you still think he had NOTHING to do with it?
  6. Jasper is a sleeping giant.
  7. 1. Was not ready to get out of the game last year 2. Has the Supts. ear and didn’t like what was happening (0-10) 3. Wants the job? Just a few IMO
  8. Coach T, Coach Foreman, don’t know who is next and the great Dan R Hooks
  9. Jimmy’s and Joe’s not X’s and O’s. Your exactly right.
  10. Not familiar with anything going on in Graham. What is the story?
  11. I can see that but I really don’t see it happening. Record not great at any stop that I’m aware of. Dyer, Garrett and Pierce may be the only dudes that could hold it together because they have been mainstays. Not sure if those guys would want to take it on.
  12. The Longhorns won’t even look at the kid because he does not have that 5 star behind him. The Longhorns thinking they should only go after 5 stars is ridiculous. This is why they have missed so many QB’s over the last decade. This kid can play period! Hope he eventually plays UT and torches them.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  14. There is a connection at the “new top” with BN.
  15. Great info! They kind of missed on Stephenville. Stephenville had an incredible run with massive wins over great teams. LaVega, Melissa, MH, Paris, Argyle, Hirschi, LBJ and Sweetwater. That’s impressive.
  16. Carthage will be good but losing pretty much the entire D is going to hurt.
  17. This is why HS and college football is so much more fun to watch than the NFL. So many different offenses and kids play for the love and not the $. Well big time college is leaning in that direction. All about the $.
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