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  1. Yea you did...but on a serious note, lots of coaches get their opportunity after someone was unjustly let go. I don't like it either. Been there done that. Stone is a good man from all accounts. My point is "Blessed" if a coach such as "Josh F" or a "Rusty N" landed a job after someone was unfairly let go would you not congratulate him? It appears you have a personal connection with Stone. Small towns and lots of times, school boards, have agendas, are too impatient, and almost always across the board, not qualified to determine the quality of a coach.
  2. To all three of you that have never described or bragged about a coach on here (Chubs.. Blessed.. Silk) "Lighten up Frances" if you've ever watched "Stripes"
  3. No chub.. just a friend that I'm very proud of. But then again, none of you have ever congratulated or bragged about a coach on here.
  4. Jamin Savell is the new guy in Bison Land! He was a standout athlete from Madisonville that played college football at Sam Houston State and Texas A&M Commerce. Recently he was the Offensive Coordinator at Willis and Shepherd. He has waited patiently for his first gig and will do a great job. Smart, innovative, tireless worker, and a true family man. Congratulations!
  5. They should have picked the coach that was runner-up last time....wouldn't need this thread. Great Coach!
  6. I'm trying to understand how Hull Daisetta and Groveton were ever similar?? Enrollment perhaps... 907
  7. Anyone know Groveton's pre-district schedule? 907
  8. I believe that ship has sailed... 907
  9. Not an East Texas school, but Port Lavaca Calhoun runs it well! Richard Whitaker is one of the most underrated coaches in the state!
  10. Friends, I need an OC Gig to complete my career! I've been so fortunate to coach some great kids and have worked for some wonderful coaches! Set the National Record for most yards in a game 18 years ago! Got out 5 years ago but do miss it!
  11. Friends, Former Groveton/Northwestern State standout football player, Wade Williams passed away yesterday in a plane crash in Louisiana. Please keep his family in your prayers. 5 Williams brothers, including Wade, played for the Groveton Indians. He is a devoted husband, father, son, friend and teammate. I had the pleasure to coach him in Groveton.
  12. Who still runs this offense? I need a gig!
  13. 907 is looking again this year for a gig! Rush the football is his game! High percentage playaction! Let’s go!
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