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  1. I don't see anyone making excuses for teams scoring on PG. with the exception of Gladewater, everyone did. With the exception of Carthage and Gilmer, we have played powerhouses and won. 43-4 over these three years. I don't see anyone Not giving Wimberley a fighting chance, any team playing in the state final is going to be good. But when most pundits and fans know that PG plays in a tougher region, and when the difference in rankings reflects that all season, I don't see any reason to pick Wimberley, Homer or not. This is not Globo Gym vs Average Joes. Pleasant Grove just knocked off another regional champ with punity, and had two of their top four in the RB stable out practically the entire game. It's not that PG fan Base is "not smart" in 'Not giving Wimberley a chance". It's what all factors and stats available, combined with common sense, and well seasoned with a little homerism bring to conclusion. Not saying Wimberley can't win. People said that about PG in 2017. PG had Cuero on the ropes, leading after three. I just don't see it happening. It's not personal, it's just business.
  2. Why do you need to make a comment shaded like this? PG does not move in, or "recruit kids illegally". This is a thinly veiled statement with "recruiting" connotation. It is worded within the terms of service, but implies just that. Pleasant Grove, having success, will naturally attract talent. People will move in to participate. As long as it is done legally, there is no problem. Let's not sound like that. It is not becoming. Rabbs have their own successes to enjoy.
  3. I think seven, this will make 8. Lost the first game to his Dad's team. Won all the rest (playoff games.)
  4. Yes he did. And his receivers started catching what he was throwing. There were a lot of early drops that could have made the game a lot more lopsided
  5. I thought the Carthage band starting a loud song right After he Homecoming announcements began was not very courteous. Could’ve waited. Call it both ways.
  6. Carthage is all that. We have it our best, and so did the Dawgs. Glad to get out relatively free of injury. Great tuneup for The rest of the season and hopefully a Long Playoff Run. Carthage won, but they had to earn it. Well deserved.
  7. I didn’t go anywhere. I just stated a fact. Don’t get huffy.
  8. Hawks go on 4th and 1 from the Carthage 38. Chains come out
  9. Not desperate. He often plays on Defense and special teams. He punts as well.
  10. Lost a good corner on an injury. Now the long pass. Carthage 21 PG14
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