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  1. Will this game be live streamed or on the radio. I figure we are going to meet up with one or both of these teams in the playoffs!
  2. Will this game be Live streamed and if it will where do U go to watch it?
  3. Will this game be streamed live. I would like to get a good look at the Daingerfield 2020 team!
  4. Where can u pay to watch it? Since Figgy’s team is out of the playoffs!
  5. I’m predicting Them Owls take the opening kickoff and go down to take the lead 7-6! Let’s Go Owls!
  6. Them Tigers will have there hands full! Let’s Go Owls play hard like u did against us last week!
  7. My friend from Brock said it was preset for Frisco The Star 4 Pm Friday
  8. Hey i have a friend from Brock trying to find video on Malakoff. He found some on Atlanta. Does anybody know where he could find sone video on Malakoff?
  9. I think Dallas Washington was the Back I was remembering because when I heard his name I thought what a “Football Name.”
  10. I just remember watching y’all one game in the playoffs and y’all had a Big Running Back That was a Man Amongst Boys! Earl Campbell Like!
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