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  1. We predominantly a running team and we tried to pass and had several good opportunities but just couldn’t make it happen. I hate to say it being full of Newton Pride but they were by far the better team when we played. I know Daingerfield lost a key players both ways but how is Daingerfield’s defense against the run?
  2. Dadgummit Waskom beat us like we stole something from them! I want to watch this game will it be live streamed?
  3. Since there will be no live stream. Will it be on the radio or on the internet where you can just listen to it?
  4. Well Mulesocks don’t go fretting about us! We will take care of W #1 Waskom and then take care of W #2 West Rusk I think u are a little confused round ball is less than a week away for u Tiggers!
  5. Well we have 5 State Championships and the one in 1998 a 21-0 shutout on Yall has to be the sweetest!
  6. I’m expecting to be up big at the half like in 2018 them Mighty Newton Eagles were up 46-6 and we looked over at the Daingerfield side and all there fans were leaving! I think they were pulling back in their driveways in Daingerfield by the end of the 79-12 Beatdown!
  7. I remember that whooping we put on y’all in Lufkin 3 years ago 79-12 y’all are fixing to get a little more of that!
  8. It really want matter who wins this game because Newton is going to eat y’all’s lunch
  9. Will this game be live streamed or on the radio. I figure we are going to meet up with one or both of these teams in the playoffs!
  10. Will this game be Live streamed and if it will where do U go to watch it?
  11. Will this game be streamed live. I would like to get a good look at the Daingerfield 2020 team!
  12. Where can u pay to watch it? Since Figgy’s team is out of the playoffs!
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