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  1. Will this game be live streamed or on the radio. I figure we are going to meet up with one or both of these teams in the playoffs!
  2. Will this game be Live streamed and if it will where do U go to watch it?
  3. Will this game be streamed live. I would like to get a good look at the Daingerfield 2020 team!
  4. Where can u pay to watch it? Since Figgy’s team is out of the playoffs!
  5. I’m predicting Them Owls take the opening kickoff and go down to take the lead 7-6! Let’s Go Owls!
  6. Them Tigers will have there hands full! Let’s Go Owls play hard like u did against us last week!
  7. My friend from Brock said it was preset for Frisco The Star 4 Pm Friday
  8. Hey i have a friend from Brock trying to find video on Malakoff. He found some on Atlanta. Does anybody know where he could find sone video on Malakoff?
  9. I think Dallas Washington was the Back I was remembering because when I heard his name I thought what a “Football Name.”
  10. I just remember watching y’all one game in the playoffs and y’all had a Big Running Back That was a Man Amongst Boys! Earl Campbell Like!
  11. Heck I remember one year several years back u guys (Atlanta) lost all your non district games against tough opponents and then won district and eventually won the State Championship!
  12. As much as I enjoyed every touchdown last night scored in the Massive Beatdown Of Daingerfield. I actually was disappointed as a person that has been at all 4 Daingerfield and Newton matchups. I must ask the question to what has happened to this once Competitive and Proud Program! In the Bowman Era Daingerfield has Swagger and although I never let anybody know this. When we played Daingerfield we feared them and respected them. The stuff I read over the past year about Daingerfield and this new coach who is not able to drive himself just didn’t make scence to me. Why would u pic
  13. 86-6 Newton I predict my Eagles hang 35 on them in the first quarter! If we wouldn’t started kicking field goals on first down in the 3rd quarter we would have strapped 100 on Daingerfield!
  14. Tigerwild how do u like me now? we could have hung 125 on u if we wouldn’t have let off the gas! As I said before and I quote “just a bunch of Delusional Daingerfield Fans!
  15. Come on back u Daingerfield tiger Fans we got another half of football to play! I knew once us Newton Eagles got up by a comfortable lead there would be a “Mass Exit.”
  16. Tigerwild y’all have no idea what is coming at u tonight! We Newton will Experience the Thrill Of Victory and u and your Little Tigers will Experience the Agony Of the worst defeat In school history! And I must say 730 can’t get here soon enough for me!
  17. I think I found it at least in the last 20 years. Daingerfield got their butts handed to them in a Bi-District to Gilmer 43-0 and the article I read said Daingerfield only crossed midfield once late in the 4th quarter when the subs were put on. All I got to say is somebody needs to get several white towels ready to throw in the ring before half. I think one of u Tiger fans need to do a armed hold up in the press box and take over the running of the clock and just let it run and run and run and run! My prediction is we best Gilmers 2003 Bi-District Beat Down by 20! Purple Pride Baby! All the Wa
  18. Can anybody tell me what was the worst Beatdown in Daingerfield Tiger Football History?
  19. Extremely Delusional Daingerfield Fan here! I don’t know what u are smoking in your pipe buddy but it ain’t tobacco!
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