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  1. i worked at a school like this in DISD. The school went from being 32 out of 33 to number 3. It's a long story but I'll keep it VERY short. in short, they offered a lot of money to get the best teachers. 12k stipend to be exact. It definitely worked and jump started the school to success, even after we left.
  2. From my understanding, it's only tire to funding the first couple of weeks. That's why they have teachers turn in a count every year.
  3. I still haven't seen a thread on Brett Favre yet lol
  4. His response is the definition of division. Instead of being in agreement, he chose to be negative.
  5. This has been all over since Saturday though.
  6. Can't believe this hasn't been brought up.. https://www.facebook.com/davidcordalldelaney/videos/825309335586849/?mibextid=MnnKW6
  7. Well I don't doubt that at all. The only context I've only seen it in was from old news reels during the Civil Rights movement during hate speeches and interviews. It was used for black people who were just asking to be treated equal. Plus, I NEVER said liberal or conservatives, yall should know I don't believe in that. White people in the 50s and 60s calling Civil Rights marchers uppity is not on the same level as a Lib calling a Con uppity. There's no race issue there. He or she just doesn't like them. Back then it was purely a race issue.
  8. No really. Like I said, you may be right. You just said "sources" and I always question that. Not saying black people don't say it. I'VE just never heard it.
  9. Wait...so you're friends with white liberals? Just curious about how you were able to hear a liberal say this. Not saying they did or didn't but just wondering about proximity.
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