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  1. LOL @ "fact" checkers. So now you have a bunch of extreme crazies posting incorrect memes like @StillGreezy does. Well look on the bright side, yall have a place all to your own now.
  2. Did you know that teachers in the U.S. play CNN 10 (student news) for their students every morning?
  3. I love how people try to blame MSM like CNN. It's 2022. Most people don't even have cable anymore. They did shady stuff and are about to get punished for it
  4. @Monte1076 not you too! I know the official definition of petty but in the real world it has so many other meanings and it wasn't an insult towards Abbott. I don't like him but it wasn't an insult.
  5. here you go grandpa. best urban dictionary definition i could find The state of "being" when one does something simply to annoy someone else Abbott knows what he's dong and it's pretty funny
  6. The fact that @RETIREDFAN1 fan liked this should let you know you're sounding like an old man. not going to even grace this with an explanation lol.
  7. Please point out where I said it was racially motivated? You just based your whole argument on something i never said.
  8. @BarryLaverty @BoyzNdaHood @PepeSilvia y'all notice the crickets here?
  9. They also own 80% of the oil and gas industry
  10. Sad thing is, I actually believe. I know ur used to party lines.
  11. wait...did you just delete my last post?
  12. You know what? I got you. Here's a link right here for all to read what YOU glossed over. CHAPTER ONE RIGHT BELOW https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/ch01.htm
  13. I've read it dumass. I asked you to give me examples and you can't. As a matter of fact, your dumass didn't even read chapter one. If you actually read it, it starts with capitalism. So capitalism is the actual first step to be honest. You know the divide between the working class and the upper class. Marx also stated a revolution would take place in which the working class would rise up. So with that being said, CAPITALISM that you say is so GREAT, gets the ball running. So did you skip to chapter 3. You wanna call someone dumb but you haven't even read it yourself or you just pick and choose whatever fits your agenda. So if you want to talk crap, lets start with CHAPTER ONE dumass. I'm here for it all.
  14. No, you always say this. Show me an example.
  15. That's fine but don't act ignorant to the fact when things get a lot worse there when Republicans are sending them to democratic cities.
  16. I don't like Abbott at all but I have to respect this pettiness.
  17. Name more than one developed country in the past 100 years with a democratic government that went from socialism to capitalism. Lets see what your dumass come up with. I'll wait for your dumass to come up with some.
  18. Yes it is. Y'all think socialist=communism but it means mixed economy. Communism- zero private ownership. The govt owns 80% of the energy in the country
  19. Here's a perfect example of what you're saying. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRUmEoXk/?k=1
  20. Lol. Man the comment wasn't that bad. Just reacting to u getting me good. That was the best I could come up with. This is smoaky, after page one of every thread most of our posts drop in IQ level. Especially mine
  21. Well.. you honestly would rather put things in the hands of corporations who are even worse? A lot of countries have had a mixed economy for YEARS and it hasn't changed, but keep being afraid of the Boogeyman. As a matter of fact, how many more-developed countries with a mixed economy do you know of that switched all the way to communism who had some type of democratic government? I'll wait... If u can name multiple countries in the last 100 years we can talk. If not, you may want to make a different argument.
  22. I was referring to the 528k jobs that the OP posted and instead of saying that was a good thing, people started bashing other things. Gas prices are going down and inflation is indeed up. @ObiOne since you made that comment, my goal is to make you look dumb everytime u make a stupid post. Not really into doing that but since u made that comment.....
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