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  1. Pulling for my Eagles! But It’s gonna be a tuff game. Cant have any mistakes against Waskom. Their to good. If the Eagles do, they’ll be beat by two touchdowns.
  2. I’ll take China Spring by 3. Jasper lost to Carthage by 17. CS beat Jasper by 26. I thing CS will give Carthage all they want.
  3. Sure wish they would ban these stupid horns at games. Every time Livingston gets a first down they blast the crazy thing. lol
  4. Does anyone know if your allowed to buy tickets at the gate or did you have buy before game?
  5. Gunter should win this one. But PP has had a miracle playoff run so who knows. Anything is possible
  6. Great game Daingerfield. You guys deserve the W tonight. Thanks Newton for a fun ride these past two years. Nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll take my crow fried.
  7. Happy Cryday to all you blue tigers! Its gonna be a long night for y’all. We will be serving a buffet of crow anyway you like following tonight’s game.
  8. Newton shows up and beats the tigers with no problem. 55-20 Newton wins
  9. They’ve done this all season long at times. I’m a fan , born and raised there and support our team but they just are not a well disciplined team . Just the facts.
  10. Good game ND! Kids played hard. Now for Newton. I predicted they would exit in the 4th round due to poor discipline, O line issues , etc.. but Im afraid I was wrong. I’ll be shocked if they get out of the 2nd round.
  11. I was at the HD/Groveton game and I honestly was not overly impressed with Groveton. Seemed like they had some speed but nothing that was overwhelming. I was shocked that they beat Shelbyville the way they did. But who knows it’s HS football with kids playing and every game is different. I pick Timpson by 7
  12. Maybe or it may be Daingerfield in the 3rd rd if they can’t get their act together
  13. You can say that, only if they can get by WOS. Last year, they were supposed to have a SC team and ole WOS beat once again.
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