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  1. Guys, yall manhandled Waxahachie Saturday. I could only imagine what the score would've been if yall didn't do so bad the first quarter. Good Luck Lobo's. Yall are state quality once again
  2. During baseball season, it's not unusual to see people lined up along the top of the football stands because the regular baseball stands are full. And alot of people come to soccer games if its not too cold
  3. Well I've been to some with the wind blowing hard, but temp wise I think tomorrows game may be it. SS v Denison @ SMU. Last year around this time it may have been just as cold but we were either at Texas stadium which blocked out all the wind making it not so. Or at the Alamodome which is temp controlled.
  4. Well Im sure he's the kind of guy to make it right, everyone breaks the rules every now and then. It didn't say what exactly he did, or if it was serious or not.
  5. From ESPN Website http://espn.go.com/blog/sec/post/_/id/6811...lison-suspended "Auburn freshman quarterback Tyrik Rollison, expected to compete for the starting quarterback job next season, has been suspended from the team for a violation of undisclosed team rules. In announcing the suspension, Auburn coach Gene Chizik didn't specify if Rollison would be making the trip with the rest of the team to the Outback Bowl. "We have high standards that we have set and fully expect our team to meet," Chizik said in a university release. "When these expectations are not met, I will m
  6. Instead of forming a whole new 6A division, go ahead and split up into D1 and D2 for district. maybe not for 2A and 1A. but for 3, 4, & 5 it would make it more even. But it would mean more travel.
  7. This is said at every game for any sport. Football-COME ON REF!!! Baseball-COME ON UMP!!! Basketball-COME ON REF!!! Soccer-COME ON REF!!! Hockey-COME ON REF!!!
  8. I don't really know where, it would make sense to put it there though, or behind the ag shops
  9. Oh well one of the guys told me they were going to cooper, I guess he was wrong
  10. Haha man sad times man, And we just voted to get one ourselves, they're said to start on it in January
  11. They don't, but they do have turf, thats why they went, I'm guessing to get the field conditions experience..... cold turf
  12. Its been said countless times, but i guess it needs to be said again, When we played marshall. A gazillion factors contributed that made it a bad game. I don't think using it is a good comparison. But I do agree that picking EITHER side to win by a whopping 20 pts is kinda....well just wrong
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