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  1. I hear ya man but I know you guys will find a way. Hopefully you guys can get healthy soon. We've got a banged up squad too but most are on the bounce back just in time. We are senior heavy this year so hoping for an epic run!
  2. I agree 100%. Some of the pups were about me me me. That was put to bed with some humble pie from the canadians LOL. I'm sure you guys will be there and hope you are. Will you please just make sure those moms bring more signs this year? We all want to see what the hold up when the clock strikes zero!
  3. What's the difference? Gunter graduated 3 players and lost zero skilled players. Learned a lot in a year, grown a lot in a year. You'll see if you get there. Also, Gunter does pretty well against the run, might want to do a little more homework. You can't run without legs!
  4. LMAO, oh boy are you in for a surprise if you are comparing last year's Gunter team to this years. This is the best team Gunter has ever fielded. Can't wait!
  5. This one is going to get ugly fast!
  6. Tried to tell you guys, Gunter on another level. Best team they have ever fielded which is saying something.
  7. Running clock 2nd half if Gunter keep pedal down!
  8. Gunter did not dodge Celina at all. Celina declined the 2 year deal which is why Gunter did the home and home vs Daingerfield. Celina wanted no part of Gunter. Elliott knows Fieszel is the new kid on the block, that's a fact!
  9. You guys won't be because you'll be playing hoops by then and we all know Gunter stinks at basketball. No one plays!
  10. Oh lord, we've got a guy putting stock into 7 on 7, LMAO.
  11. Far from clueless. Two things I know, Gunter will be there at the end and you're a special kinda dumb. Good luck this year.
  12. Gunter lost 3 seniors, 2 starters. Entire team is back.
  13. Bless your heart. Just try to get there and give Gunter your best shot. You guys always sound the same. Newton did but you guys don't have a Darwin Barlow. No running team is beating this Gunter Tiger squad and their secondary led state in INTs in 3A. Keep dreaming!
  14. Kinda like the last 5 years I suppose, good point LOL
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