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  1. Would like to be a fly on the wall at 10 am board mtg
  2. Mudgrip


    Any idea who these 2 are ?
  3. It’s not Carthage’s fault other teams suck. Parents, SD fans and whoever else is on here hating, eat a big bowl of STFU and go to work making your kids better!
  4. One word “committee”. Until the head honcho lets them hang and makes a decision on their own, it will remain a cluster. I’m not just speaking about Htown.
  5. He’s bringing the OC from RH to be OC at Legacy
  6. How many Coaches do they get to bring in? I wonder if there’s a difference in the number for Tyler High and Legacy
  7. Heard that 2 have interviewed at Legacy, no names. Youngun and Old Un.
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