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  1. Something to do with the Band and the Town that dreaded Sundown ! RFTD
  2. Buckle up butter cups if Herring comes to town. Not sure if the clientele around Shelby county is ready to put in that kinda of work. Parents will have to buy in and keep their mouth shut. Lots of work and discipline will be expected.
  3. They have 3 ATHLETIC COORDINATORS at a school that size HUH? Something ain’t jiving
  4. Who’s coming with him from Cuero? DC , OC ?
  5. Elder Mccown is the one behind the curtain at Jville
  6. Must have been the 2 DA's at Whitehouse/Cana game.... real geniuses....
  7. Knee Jerk reaction to TH player's poor display of sportsmanship after blowing a 6 run lead going into bottom 7th. If TH takes care of business and wins this video never surfaces. But because of this continued whining by the Thigh faithful fans on social media, expect some - feedback from UIL
  8. Whose going to want to come into a Situation where board and admin are in different pages ...
  9. Boys it ain't happpening...look for a for a former chief from down south
  10. Get ready for a meticulous planner, every practice is already planned
  11. Looking for a power I guy
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